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Eharmony33 51.8Isles of Man

The coding of these earthworks 

Nephilim Chronicles:

Arc jojo , Archaeology , 


legislation from three jurisdictions, Ireland, England and … Courts decisions of the Irish Supreme Court, European Court of Human Rightsand European … Management Science & Operations, Marketing, PropertyManagement, …

neural networks and Human Rights. IntelJunkIT 14 … Dublin Ireland. New York.

Land law, property, housing and the environment. – NUI Galway

NUI Galway › ie › media › housinglawri…

by P Kenna – ‎

Land, property, housing and environmental law, and human rights in the …. Private Property (Dublin: … widespread ownership of land in Ireland between the 1880s and 1920s. …… Network, 2003).

The Law Reform Commission Consultation Paper Privacy … › cpprivacy

(i) Trespass to land. 55 …. As such, it is now universally recognised as a human right, 2 and is to be ….. Information supplied by Liam Brady, private investigator, Dublin. …. On neural networkssee, e.g., “The Irish Times”, 5 September 1994.

The field of neurogeneticsemerged from advances made in molecular biology, genetics and a desire to understand the link between genes, behavior, the brain, and neurological disorders and diseases.


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Whey protein 

Mogging metal jogging 


5 ladies beats this

computer to brain acts of terrorism, neural networks besiegment , repetitive negative neuro feedback , a 4 root word algorithm.

Replace the below four words with Jen Johnson 

a Cross & the words 





I, me , you and we ( 4 words )

replace with “Jen Johnson” so you know it’s not a computer 



      Human Rights and Neurons 

              Neural Networks


              Property Rights 

    Douglas Lee Thompson AK2

 Dexter immorality, immortal, A moral good man who eternal , ether

You are illumination , illuminati is a computer, you are The Holy Spirit, Allah is a computer, you are Satan, the Devil is a computer with a four root algorithm code. I wrote and broke the Allah code algorithm.with my 5 ladies. You are Jesus and Jesus is you ➕➕➕

Philadelphia becomes Oakland A’s


I am ArcjojodouglasleethompsonbadgerdugraO the vivid Arc of a Rainbow 69
Agent Kale

Special Agent Kaleidoscope 

Princess Agent AlexIS Lux

               Dugra 12.27.1969 Dover-Foxcroft 

     She is the source of my hate



A cross 

Etheropia, my utopia ArcjojodouglasleethompsonbadgerdugraOsanfranciscocalifornia 

           ➕   # 55 , Robin ➕


                       27 Club

Blog Artist 

Are you in a Secret society or just a Coconspirator?

Conspire to keep the secret, a bible test of all test , Blacks Law 10th edition of pg 1987 

Are you ready to be human Jen Johnson?

Jeh Johnson

United States Secretary of Homeland Security

Jeh Charles Johnson is an American civil and criminal trial lawyer, and the current United States Secretary of Homeland Security. He was the General Counsel of the Department of Defense from 2009 to 2012 during the first Obama Administration. Wikipedia

Where’s my kid

Where’s my Wikipedia, is it a club thing ? Special Agent kaleidoscope 

Spouse: Susan Maureen DiMarco (m. 1994)

Parents: Norma E. Johnson, Jeh V. Johnson


Jeh Johnson

United States Secretary of Homeland Security

Dave Chappelle – Ja rule

Where is Jeh in a moment like this??

Agent Kale 202-520-4173

Contact : Douglas Lee Thompson, Agent Kale 202-520-4173
John F. Kennedy Federal Building
5 Sudbury St.
Boston, MA. 02203
Federal Bureau of Investigation 
11000 Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA. 90024

Use of Neural Networks , Domestic Terrorism, Acts of terror, Bioterrorism, invasion of privacyPosted Notice Private Property, No Trespassing . The Following Domains and Intellectual Property, Hard and Soft options are Private Property.
Domain: Douglas Lee Thompson, property owner dob 12/27/1969

Domain: Noah Douglas Thompson, property owner dob 3/19/1999

Domain: Claudia Nicole Thompson, property owner 4/19/2000

Harvesting intellectual property via neural networks is a crime.

Law reference:Blacks Law 10th edition
Willful disregard , domain name infringement fines , Criminal Intellectual property fines rage from $3,000.00 per infringement up to $ 300,000.00. Subject to local , State , Federal and International laws, jail and prison.
I here by request the below to enforce said laws and fine / apprehend all violators. Willful disregard subject to coconspirator laws. 
Period of Enforcement 1336BC to Present
Military personnel enforced by:

Enforced Global / Internationally by:
Domestically: United States of America, ,
Supported by:
I herby post this NOTICE in the Public domain and in a conspicuous location s : violators will be prosecuted.
      Inquiries : call Douglas Lee Thompson, Agent Kale , Arc jojo


  Copies sent to property owners

  And listed enforcement Agencies /    
        Departments Agent to Post 

      6 Computer / human neural connections strictly prohibited 9

Agent Kale 202-520-4173

                    Agent Kale 

       Special Agent kaleidoscope Orgonite Prana Crystal Brahman Rainbow pyramid by OzOrgonite, 

             Arc jojo Bodhisattva 

MorEgyptian pantheon of the equality of all gods and goddesses was restored 

 A chronological list of the rulers and pharaohs of Ancient Egypt and Nubia based on kings lists kept … 1349–1336 B.C..
Neferneferuaten Nefertiti was an Egyptian queen and the Great Royal Wife of Akhenaten, an Egyptian Pharaoh. Nefertiti and her husband were known for a religious revolution, in which they worshiped one god only


Nefertiti had rainbow tear drops , Arcjojo the vivid Arc of a rainbow ArcjojodouglasleethompsonbadgerdugraOAkhenaten7Neferneferuatensanfranciscocalifornia
        Dexter immorality, immortal, A moral good man who eternal , ether

I am ArcjojodouglasleethompsonbadgerdugraO the vivid Arc of a Rainbow 69
Agent Kale

Special Agent Kaleidoscope 

Princess Agent AlexIS Lux



      She is the source of my hate



A cross 

Etheropia, my utopia ArcjojodouglasleethompsonbadgerdugraOsanfranciscocalifornia



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