Russell Brand Never hosted the MTV music awards. There never was a MTV music awards. Agent Kale CIA Field operations San Francisco CA. 12.06.2016

Who ever is the inspiration,, for the digital character Russell Brand…  is most certainly NOT a mega tv celebrity. There are no mega tv celebrities. Mr ____________ is just some bloke from down the Street. If you believe your this man. Please contact oo7 , Agent Kale at , email, , , , . Douglas Lee Thompson 12271969 aka Santa , Satan . ArcAngeljojo , Nike shoes, the Candy Cane, Christmas Tree, for God Sake ,, Russell you can find me….

Love ya


& the King of Great Britain

Sir. Douglas Lee Thompson 12271969

integer 12271969 Intelligence Operative ” Central Intelligence Agency ”

Russell Brand – the flesh and blood , does not exist. There is some bloke out there who looks close… Contact Agent Kale and we can talk thru it. Face to Face.

Blacks Law 10th edition Page 1987 Declaration of Human Rights

Douglas Lee Thompson DHS 1987 , Dexter Maine 04930 U.S. Navy

Department of Homeland Security DHS, I am Jeh Johnson / Douglas Lee Thompson / Agent Kale






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