The man I know as Michael Grey aka Jim Carrey / I am Agent Kale Special Agent Central Intelligence Agency “CIA” Douglas Lee Thompson 12271969

Michael Grey is a king, a sweet man who is the inspiration for the digital character ” Jim Carrey ”

I know him personally and is the basis for my work as a special Agent with the CIA. Another fictional story that has a very non-fictional ending.

the meaning of life

I am

ArcAngeljojo aka Santa , aka Satan, aka Kevin Costner , aka the Candy Caine, ” the j’s on the sneakers & the j’s on the Christmas tree. ArcAngeljojo Seven oo7

email :

There is no flesh & blood Jim Carrey , but there  is a Michael Grey. Michael from what I can see does not receive  money $ for these Movie productions. He isn’t mega rich. Agent Kale


I invite all coconspirators to contact me on facebook. A CIA website. , , ,,,,

reference: Blacks Law 10th edition page 1987 Articles 1 thru 30

michael-grey-agent-kale-cia-22 michael-grey-agent-kale-cia

I am Skull and Bones , this means the source of all experience in life comes from within. ArcAngeljojo

I am 33 degree , this means you have 33 vertebrae in the spine. the meaning of life comes from within.

Love you Satan aka : Douglas Lee Thompson 12271969



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