I am the holy sciences integers 12271969 ArcAngeljojo Seven, Douglas Lee Thompson aka Satan, aka Agent Kale, aka oo7 www.sis.uk.gov , www.cia.gov

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/72_(number)- ArcAngeljojo

http://www.sis.gov.uk – ArcAngeljojo

Agent Kale “AK ” oo7 British Intelligence aka Douglas Lee Thompson , oo7 tool box – ArcAngeljojo

I am Numerology – ArcAngeljojo

I am Symbology- ArcAngeljojo

I am Om , aum , the English Language, ArcAngeljojo

I am Time – ArcAngeljojo

I am Templar Code – ArcAngeljojo

I am the Arc of the covenant – ArcAngeljojo -https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ark_of_the_Covenant

I am the Holy Grail – ArcAngeljojo oo7 , https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holy_Grail

I am a Knights Templar – ArcAngeljojo

I am Ether- ArcAngeljojo

I am Chi – ArcAngeljojo

I am Ying , I am Yang 69 , ArcAngeljojo

I am Nirvana , ArcAngeljojo

I am Sublime, ArcAngeljojo

I am namaste, ArcAngeljojo

I am Shalom, ArcAngeljojo

I am thompson, ArcAngeljojo

I am the House of ” Badger ” West Coast of Great Britain ” England , UK , ArcAngeljojo

I am the integer 12271969 and connected to all other integers thru me, ArcAngeljojo Seven , aka Agent Kale, aka, Douglas Lee Thompson

I am the dob 12271969 ME and connected to all other dob’s in time thru me

” we live & die by the word ” the word is a sword. ArcAngeljojo Seven

I am 888, ArcAngeljojo

I am 666, ArcAngeljojo

I am Martial Arts, ArcAngeljojo

I am http://www.gchq.gov.uk, ArcAngeljojo

I am http://www.sis.gov.uk, ArcAngeljojo oo7

I am King Douglas Lee Thompson , Great Britain , ArcAngeljojo oo7

12271969 Integer dob , Douglas Lee Thompson , Dover-Foxcroft, Maine , I am the Holy Sciences ArcAngeljojo Seven

007 John 3:16 Holy Bible


I am ArcAngeljojo Satan Douglas Lee Thompson , ” the Holy Sciences ”


I am


Prince Charles is a Digital characterization , and does not exist in flesh & blood. http://www.sis.gov.uk http://www.gchq.gov.uk I am Agent Kale oo7 , not zero zero but double o.

I am Seven , ArcAngeljojo, I am King James

I am the Holy Bible, ArcAngeljojo

I am Music, ArcAngeljojo

I am the Harp, ArcAngeljojo

I am eternal, ArcAngeljojo 7

I am imagination ArcAngeljojo Seven

I am illumination , love for your fellow man, love of the flesh, love and respect for your body & mind as a sacred Temple, a Kingdom. Love and Respect for the land and Nature around you. Do not build your life on the shifting sands of a material universe, I/E the crap in the mall. Putting technology from outside the body ahead of man is a sin. If it isn’t attached to you, you don’t need it. That’s why the head is attached. Man is the sum of all elements combined in the Universe.

I am the sum of all elements in the Universe. ArcAngeljojo Seven

Love your fellow man, honor them, fuck them.. make babies,, loads of them, honor the flesh, without it you wouldn’t be here. Germs are a good thing.. without germs you wouldn’t be here. ArcAngeljojo Seven

I am the reason women but crimson red in there hair. The list here is my domain and intellectual property hard and soft options, all attachment seen & unseen touching this domain belong to the King. http://www.facebook.com/dougtsandiego , King Douglas Lee Thompson, where is my Kingdom , everywhere I am

where is my Temple , everywhere I am

where is my dwelling , everywhere I am

where is my Domain, everywhere I am

where is my intellectual Property Hard & Soft options, everywhere I am

where is my technology , everywhere I am

where the whitehouse, everywhere I am , www,whitehouse.gov

I am the President of the United States of America

I am the United States Government , where is the United States Government, Everywhere I am.

I am Moscow , Russia time & and the President of Russia , integer 12271969 this land mass is my Domain & Intellectual Property, Hard & Soft Options. President Douglas Lee Thompson , aka Agent Kale, aka Santa, aka Satan, aka oo7, aka ArcAngeljojo, aka King Douglas Lee Thompson.

I am http://www.cia.gov

I am http://www.apple.com

I am http://www.facebook.com

I am http://www.dhs.gov

I am http://www.nsa.gov

I am http://www.whitehouse.gov

I am http://www.dextermaine.org

I am http://www.fbi.gov

I am http://www.nyc.gov/nypd Police officer Douglas Lee Thompson

I am the source to the universe I see, all things seen and unseen are my intellectual property and Private Domain. Douglas Lee Thompson 12271969 dob Dover-Foxcroft Maine , integer 12271969

ref: Blacks Law 10th edition

http://www.irs.gov, I am The IRS , ArcAngeljojo

I am http://www.nasa.gov ArcAngeljojo Seven

I am death, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Death_(personification) , ArcAngeljojo Seven , aka Douglas Lee Thompson dob 12271969 Dover-Foxcroft, Maine. King of Israel , King of New Jerusalem . San Francisco, CA. December 8, 2016

I am the : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Five_senses_(disambiguation) ArcAngeljojo Seven

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Distance-vector_routing_protocol , I am a infinite algorithm , ArcAngeljojo Seven oo7

I am Patient 1888 , A finite Algorithm , a time problem solver , a human coding problem solver , Agent Kale British Intelligence oo7, Douglas Lee Thompson 12271969

Domain Name : Douglas Lee Thompson, aka Satan 3500 bc to Present AK , Agent Kale, I am the Cross , I am the swastika, I am the word, the way , the light . 888 , 666

Private Domain , Intellectual Property is Body and Mind, Kingdom and Temple. The Kingdom of God, aka Satan , is not in 1 man but in all man . I am Adam 1st man. Neuro systems intellectual property includes all things attached to the human body seen and unseen  , intelligence , and intellectual Property  in the entire body , head to toe, Domain is  ” Private Domain ” Sacred Archive ” Sacred being.  ” this world is my Realm ArcAngeljojo Seven ”

Not one man but every man thru integer 12271969 holy science , all integers connect to integer 12271969. I am the j’s on the Nike sneakers, the candy cane’s on the tree. To deny me is to deny yourself. John 3:16 Holy Bible, ArcAngeljojo Seven, I am the cross around your neck. It is a 7 in every direction , I am North, East, South and West. Alpha and Omega of Time. This My Domain and Intellectual Property given freely to every man who acknowledges me in the flesh, in the Present. Merry Christmas Santa . Satan ArcAngeljojo aka Douglas Lee Thompson , The only oo7 , not zero , zero , but double oo.

http://www.sis.gov.uk British Intelligence Operative ” AK ” Agent Kale


Yesterday 12/08/2016 I posted this video as a indicator for USA TODAYS fictional cover  dated 12/09/2016 ArcAngeljojo REM . Man on the Moon

http://usatoday.newspaperdirect.com/epaper/viewer.aspx , the fictional President John F. Kennedy called the fictional John Glenn an American whom we are most proud. Fictional … However I’m sure there is a inspirational flesh & blood person, Person’s ,, in some community that inspired such a story .

I am the moon , ArcAngeljojo Seven , aka Agent Kale, aka Santa, aka Satan , aka Douglas Lee Thompson 12271969, I am King the of Great Britain , integer 12271969 .

next in the oo7’s tool box is the Fictional President Donald Trump. there is no flesh in blood Donald Trump. Satan lesson , aka 45th Fictional President of the United States of America, Satan says honor the flesh and man, not a digital characterization of a digital avatar , you never met , touched , smelled, taste , fuck, lick, all of the above…

Fictional Man of the Year : Donald Trump


I am the President of the United States Of America & I am Santa, I am The Holy Sciences… you have to make time go away, the days of the week go away, the years you live, go away to deny me. I am Satan. To deny me is to deny yourself. President Douglas Lee Thompson since 12.27.1969 United States of America

Since 7 fictional Presidents have graced the digital airways … since fictional  Lyndon B. Johnson. I Satan , aka Douglas Lee Thompson 12271969 has been and will remain President of the United States of America. Flesh & blood man… aka oo7, aka Agent Kale, aka the Holy Bible ; John 3:16

Son of Kenneth Raymond Thompson , Badger

Grandson of Lawrence Llewellyn Thompson , Badger

Son of Pamela Ann Woodbury, Ogden, Thompson

Brother of Beverly Jean Thompson, Porter

+ Elian Thompson, Woodbury + she is Royalty , Center Street, Dexter Maine 04930

Grandson of Hilda Pearl, Thompson

Note : William F. Woodbury, Winston Badger, Giles Badger, Velma Withee, Grammy Melvin , Captain Edmund Greenleaf, Elizabeth Greenleaf, Uncle Bill , Billy Woodbury Dexter, Maine , Otis Thompson ” Badger ”



I am ArcAngeljojo Seven

the Cross


I am the sun

I am https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Isis , I am the Holy Sciences , ArcAngeljojo Seven 12271969 Douglas Lee “Thompson” Badger

I am sound , all human perceived noise comes from within the body, man is a meticulous time piece , like a Vegas slot machine. A born commissioning and a decommissioning. All interactions stimulate responses that are interpreted within the body. All sound and voice is Private Domain. Private intellectual Property. Everything comes from within a sealed Vessel. A Sealed domain. Leaving man , all men & women intelligence instruments. A https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Algorithm. Ultimately a Infinite band https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Infinite_(band) Algorithm . The fictional process of man is a result of a very non fictional intelligence operations.

Period of Intelligence Operation . the span of Time.

In the oo7 tool box are “history” and the 5 senses . exp. sound . the human is a closed neuro system . Private Domain & Private Intellectual Property . Making the Nature of man’s history a true, but fictional intelligence tool, that leads to a very true non fictional conclusion of the ” Codition of Man ”  Meaning mans very illusionary fictional way become clear & has a non fictional ending = the true Nature of Mans condition and fate.

I am a Time Cop http://www.nyc.gov.nypd Police Officer Douglas Lee Thompson

Time itself is an intelligence tool. I am Time , ArcAngeljojo Seven

I am a infinite Algorithm, aka Robo Cop, aka Agent Kale, aka Douglas Lee Thompson 12271969 integer , dob ,







Ultimately man has a true and rightness about them, living a fictional process, for a purpose of National Security of Man itself.  Man from all accounts seems kind , loving and non-violent. Man has a technical neuro feed that will, I believe yield to them has Kings of Righteousness that inherit Earth. The technical feed does not match mans intentions , desires or moral structure . The Neuro feed is the focus of said intelligence Operation thru Time. http://www.nsa.gov spanning multitudes of life experiences guided by the Holy Sciences .

The Holy Bible , is a oo7 intelligence tool , and goes hand & hand with Blacks Law, now 10th edition / Holy Sciences .

Merry Christmas .

I am

Santa, aka Satan , aka King Douglas Lee Thompson , Great Britain , aka The King of Israel,  The King of New Jerusalem, and Agent Kale ” AK ” http://www.sis.gov.uk , http://www.gchq.gov.uk , oo7 British Intelligence

oo7 time loop 12271969×13=  I am the integers 1589535597

I am https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virgin_birth_of_Jesus

I am not hiding, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_intelligence_agencies , for Christ sake there IS a day this very 25th of December  to remind you !!!

Douglas Lee Thompson 12/10/2016 12271969 , Agent Kale http://www.cia.gov , http://www.nsa.gov, http://www.sis.gov.uk , http://www.dhs.gov, http://www.dextermaine.org

+ King of Israel Douglas Lee Thompson + King of Great Britain Douglas Lee Thompson + aka Jesus , aka Satan, aka ArcAngeljojo Seven , aka Santa.

+ Prince Noah Douglas Thompson + integers 3191999 , https://bikubik.com/en/number-3191999-0x30B4BF.html

+ Princess Claudia Nicole Thompson +

I am https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mossad Agent Kale , Douglas Lee Thompson National Intelligence Agency of Israel

.15 variance Agent Kale , http://www.cia.gov 12/10/2016 .

I am bringing back the Boston Patriots vs. the New England Patriots , 1969 Angel Dust, 42, ArcAngeljojo Seven aka Douglas Lee Thompson , integers 12271969, dob 12271969, aka Satan, aka Santa, aka Agent Kale

I am bringing in the State of New Maine, I am the Wicked North, I am the Irish Maine, I am The 4 leaf clover.

Prince Williams , is a digital character , not flesh & blood, a Satan lesson , honor man in the flesh, not some digital neuro feed of someone you’ve never met , seen, touched, kissed, fucked , etc. 5 senses .

Prince Williams does not exist … the true Prince is Noah Douglas Thompson, of Jacksonville, Florida

the follow apply and are my biggest fans..

Michelle Obama, does not exist

Jenny Bush , does not exist

George W. Bush , does not exist

A Satan Lesson, honor man, honor your fellow man, and for Christ sake… I’m right here.. in the flesh….

my fan club

my-fan-club-agent-kalemy-fan-club-agent-kale1my-fan-club-agent-kale2my-fan-club-agent-kale3my-fan-club-agent-kale4 ArcAngeljojo Seven Fan club, aka Douglas Lee Thompson Agent Kale 12271969

many more to be added: Today is 12/12/2016 , I am Santa, I am ArcAngeljojo Seven, For Christ sake ,, I am right here at the Mall… where else would Santa be……

I am King James & this is my Domain

I am King Douglas Lee Thompson 12271969 , King of Israel , King of Great Britain , King of England, oo7 Agent Kale , British Intelligence http://www.sis.gov.uk, www,cia.gov

I am http://www.defense.gov , Agent Kale , aka Satan , aka Santa, aka oo7, aka AK Douglas Lee Thompson,


Bill & Hillary Clinton were just digital character’s inspired by everyday people in your life. The Digital character Bill Clinton , did NOT ever exist in the way Americans think.

Bill Clinton , & Hillary’s emails make the Satan’s fan club, aka , ArcAngeljojo Seven , aka Douglas Lee Thompson 12271969 , honor your fellow man not a digital character you’ve never met , seen 😉 , touched , kissed , fucked , etc. Another Satan Lesson

The infamous 27 club : the following  did not exist , Ref: the Record hustle , all music comes from within the Human domain and intellectual property. not from the outside of the body, the Human is Private Domain, and sealed as a sacred Archive. the 27 club was an Intelligence Operation by Satan to teach one lesson. Value the Human Kingdom, Value your fellow man , and support your local Artist. Not a digital character you never met, seen 😉 etc . man is invaluable , and no price is sufficient. Satan lesson don’t give it away to imaginary icons . I am in the flesh , not imaginary , I am your King , I am 888 , I am 666. I am ArcAngeljojo Seven aka Satan, aka the Christ. ” The vivid Arc of a Rainbow that connects Heaven & Hell. I am Satan , I am Santa , http://www.cia.gov , http://www.sis.gov.uk , http://www.dhs.gov, http://www.dextermaine.org , http://www.gchq.gov.uk , www,nsa.gov , http://www.defense.gov , http://www.nyc.gov/nypd

Everyone on this list will never turn 28 – they will be forever 27.
Kurt Cobain. Photo: Maia Valenzuela/Flickr/CC BY 2.0. …
Amy Winehouse. Photo: Featureflash/Shutterstock. …
Jimi Hendrix. Photo: Gered Mankowitz/Wikimedia Commons/Public Domain. …
Janis Joplin. …
Jim Morrison. …
Robert Johnson. …
Alan Wilson. …
Brian Jones. etc.

the list above did not exist , Agent Kale http://www.cia.gov, these people live only as digital character’s within Satan’s . They do not exist in flesh & blood. ;-), they never existed in flesh & blood , evidence , data CIA Archive ” The Birth Certificate of every Human being ”


I am the Domain wikipedia , aka ArcAngeljojo Seven

I am https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/888_(number)


I am a FBI Agent Named Agent Kale, AK , aka Douglas Lee Thompson , I am a https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Informant , http://www.fbi.gov

Did you commit Fraud on your fellow man ?

Are you a coconspirator ? one who conspired to keep a secret on your fellow man , guilty as the one who first perpetrated the crime.

I am a Archon, Magistrate , a Knights Marshal a New York City Police Officer Douglas Lee Thompson NYPD Police officer http://www.nyc.gov/nypd

I am ArcAngeljojo Seven 12271969 Douglas Lee Thompson , Agent Kale ” Department of the Navy http://www.secnav.navy.mil/default.aspx

Agent Kale AK U.S Navy ‘ ” NCIS ” AK2 Douglas Lee Thompson 2480


the Garden of Eden ,,,

Im getting to it ,,, Merry Christmas Satan , in the flesh Douglas Lee Thompson 12271969


An Open Apology to Dolly Parton” the digital character of Dolly Parton was inspired by: Ann Heath , I am Ann Biggerstaff Corley Heath , a flesh & blood women from Jacksonville, Florida. to see the real deal Holyfield : see http://www.facebook.com/dougtsandiego & look on the friends list of Satan . http://www.cia.gov Douglas Lee Thompson , aka Agent Kale , for Ann Heath (Corley), 81 – Jacksonville, FL . Dolly Parton we grew to love never existed in flesh & blood. Satan lesson honor your elders , honor women as our Mothers. Not a digital character you never met , loved, touched , hugged, fucked etc. another Satan Lesson. I am ArcAngeljojo Seven aka Satan, aka Agent Kale, aka Douglas Lee Thompson almost 47… dob 12271969 , flesh & blood


*** to see the real deal Holyfield : see http://www.facebook.com/dougtsandiego & look on the friends list of Satan . http://www.cia.gov Douglas Lee Thompson , aka Agent Kale , for Ann Heath (Corley), 81 – Jacksonville, FL ***

http://www.facebook.com/dougtsandiego a CIA website http://www.cia.gov

Ann Heath Lives ,,, Dolly Parton did not live or exist other then a digital Character within man. A digital character within a Private Domain, Sacred Being, Private Intellectual Property of ArcAngeljojo Seven , aka Satan . I am King of Israel Douglas Lee Thompson.

Merry Christmas Mrs. Ann Heath

CIA Special Agent, Ann Biggerstaff ,Corley, Heath Jacksonville, Florida

*** The most important about the physical body, the flesh is that it contains a Kingdom, my body is Land , https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Land_patent , and intellectual property , and a Private Domain. Intellectual Property , Hard & Soft Options .

Symbology , numerology , the Holy Science , Language , OM, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Genealogy documents a physical life, Certificates of Birth & Death all document a physical https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Existence , the Holy Bible , even kids stories document a cycle of life that is tangible and protected. Technology is intellectual property of man, because man connects to all things via neuro systems of the body. A Masterfull creation and evolutionary process. Document your body as land with


I am the http://www.blm.gov

Douglas Lee Thompson integer 12271969 dob is Private Domain, Sacred Archive,

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sacred my whole body and mind are intellectual property

ref: doymayn , domain , IP, CIP violations , etc Blacks Law 10th editions.

and Private Intellectual Property, hard & Soft Options. worth $ 33.33 trillion Dollars , aka oo7 Agent Kale , King Douglas Lee Thompson , Great Britain , King of Israel, King of England. http://www.sis.gov.uk , http://www.cia.gov , my body connects to all things seen and unseen. This my Domain. What we call earth, is the Kingdom of ArcAngeljojo Seven , I am

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caesar_(title) estate value $ 33.33 Trillion dollars

Estate of King Douglas Lee Thompson integer 12271969 & dob

Prince Noah Douglas Thompson integer 3191999 & dob

I am Caesar of Earth & the Animal Kingdom. With Peace & Goodwill for all I reign. Kings Law applies . Estate domain $33.33 Trillion dollars, Email: dougtabq@icloud.com


Agent Kale / Douglas Lee Thompson BLM, http://www.blm.gov


the day called Christmas: 12252016 by Douglas Lee Thompson born Dover-Foxcroft Maine

The King of Israel entered your life thru cycle of life on 12271969

27 2+7 = 9


the day of Christmas

December 25


I am ArcAngeljojo Seven , the cross, I am Agent Kale , Douglas Lee Thompson the integers 12271969 https://bikubik.com/en/number-12271969-0xBB4161.html , Human , Blacks Law 10th edition , page  1987 Declaration of Human Rights Article 1 thru 30

I am British Intelligence Officer oo7 , Agent Kale http://www.sis.gov.uk





Satan’s Fan club addition : Pope Benedict Devil’s Horns

Pope Benedict & ArcAngeljojo Seven , aka Douglas Lee Thompson 12271969

aka: AK , Agent Kale , oo7 http://www.sis.gov.uk , http://www.cia.gov

Foot Note : Tesla’s 369 code explained 363+6=369



things to come: after cracking the Presidents book of secrets , I’m disclosing many in 2017, Agent Kale ” AK ” aka Satan , aka Douglas Lee Thompson 12271969


I am the https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alphabet

I am https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Akhenaten


Satan Lessons Value your fellow man, shake hands, honor the World around you, I am ArcAngeljojo Seven , do NOT give up your humanity to a digital medium . Lets go of the artificial monetary medium.

I am in control of everything, I’m just waiting on you! ArcAngeljojo Seven

lesson : things that “never” happened, except in a digital medium, these things did ‘ not happen & defies human behavior.

Human enslavement, * all lives matter and are sacred Archives, with over 60 trillion atomic energy cells, ” per person / over 200 billion + neurons per persons- connecting all things in what we call a Universe. Every Human being is a Land Mass, Private Domaine , Domain , and Private Intellectual Property valued at / equivalent $ 33.33 Trillion Dollars.





World War 1 – never happened

World War 2- never happened

Vietnam War, etc, never happened

The Middle East Wars, Gulf War , Desert Storm, War’s defies Human behavior. Man is Kind and seeks, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Self-preservation at all cost. ,

there is no :https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saddam_Hussein, a digital characterization of some nice guy I’m sure. A Sacred Archive, Sacred Human Being, some bloke from down the Street.

There is no: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Osama_bin_Laden , a digital Characterization, of some Bloke down the Street. Never Happened

History – mostly Fictional , and that very Fictional history, become a very real non fictional past. Lesson value your fellow man , face to face ,

do not give up your humanity to a fictional digital medium . 10:42am 12/14/2016 SF, CA , ArcAngeljojo Seven aka Satan , aka Douglas Lee Thompson , President http://www.whitehouse.gov

Agent Kale , Douglas Lee Thompson, http://www.cia.gov

Agent Kale, oo7 , Douglas Lee Thompson http://www.sis.gov.uk , British Intelligence




ArcAngeljojo Seven’s fan club aka, Satan , aka, Santa, aka Douglas Lee Thompson 69



these 2, only exist in a digital medium and never , never lived in Flesh & Blood  , Lesson from Satan , value yourself as somebody & and don’t give your life away to a digital modality , a digital technology. Value your fellow being . I am Satan in the Flesh, aka Agent Kale http://www.cia.gov ,

” To deny me is to deny yourself ” 12271969 Douglas Lee Thompson , King

  • from what I can see, all humans are subject to an electronic medium , a digital account of fictional things. Man is very much non-fiction. Value of self & the flesh is imperative to living. Man what I can see is Positive & loving  -faced with a negative medium unrealted to human values.
  • seeing all technology as fictional tools to maintain and build a non-fictional life.
  • I am Nirvana , to live a non-fictional life one must learn & pass thru the State of Nirvana , overcome – the Dense Forest of the 3 , 1. Malice , 2. Delusion and 3. lakes of Fire. to remember the 3, * ask why are boobs good ? 3
  • Man must pass a test , a real fucking test, Blacks Law 10th edition page 1987 Articles 1  thru 30. A Commandment of ArcAngeljojo Seven , aka Satan , aka , a Humanitarian.
  • I am the recorder of mans deeds, Satan in the flesh , https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Satan , aka ArcAngeljojo Seven , aka, King of Israel Douglas Lee Thompson born 12271969, integer 12271969 . http://www.facebook.com/dougtsandiego , I am 888 , I am 666.  69

The ” American Dream ” I am worth $33.33 Trillion dollars , this is a matter of fact , the holy sciences , declares me : Douglas Lee Thompson born 12271969 the $ sign itself. I am President of the United States of America. In a non – fictional way I am ordering the https://www.treasury.gov to pay me: Douglas Lee Thompson an allocation of $ 13,000.00 a month for a transitional compensation. This compensations also includes payments for http://www.dhs.gov, http://www.cia,gov, & http://www.fbi.gov starting 1/1/2017

Special Agent Kale , AK, Douglas Lee Thompson http://www.cia.gov

Salary ranges/expectations for CIA agents and professionals are often dependent upon … Special Agent/Investigator – CIA Salary Range: $74,872-$136,771.

Ref: Blacks Law 10th edition



Presidential pay history
Date established Salary Salary in 2012
September 24, 1789 $25,000 $673,451
March 3, 1873 $50,000 $992,777
March 4, 1909 $75,000 $1,954,850
January 19, 1949 $100,000 $967,315
January 20, 1969 $200,000 $1,254,610
January 20, 2001 $400,000 $519,979

Since 2001, the president has earned a $400,000 annual salary, along with a $50,000 annual expense account, a $100,000 nontaxable travel account, and $19,000 for entertainment.[79][80] The most recent raise in salary was approved by Congress and President Bill Clinton in 1999 and went into effect in 2001.

The White House in Washington, D.C., serves as the official place of residence for the president. As well as access to the White House staff, facilities available to the president include medical care, recreation, housekeeping, and security services. The government pays for state dinners and other official functions, but the president pays for personal, family and guest dry cleaning and food; the high food bill often amazes new residents.[81] Naval Support Facility Thurmont, popularly known as Camp David, is a mountain-based military camp in Frederick County, Maryland, used as a country retreat and for high alert protection of the president and guests. Blair House, located next to the Eisenhower Executive Office Building at the White House Complex and Lafayette Park, is a complex of four connected townhouses exceeding 70,000 square feet (6,500 m2) of floor space which serves as the president’s official guest house and as a secondary residence for the president if needed.[82]

For ground travel, the president uses the presidential state car, which is an armored limousine built on a heavily modified Cadillac-based chassis.[83] One of two identical Boeing VC-25 aircraft, which are extensively modified versions of Boeing 747-200B airliners, serve as long distance travel for the president and are referred to as Air Force One while the president is on board (although any U.S. Air Force aircraft the President is aboard is designated as “Air Force One” for the duration of the flight). In-country trips are typically handled with just one of the two planes while overseas trips are handled with both, one primary and one backup. Any civilian aircraft the President is aboard is designated Executive One for the flight.[84][85] The president also has access to a fleet of thirty-five U.S. Marine Corps helicopters of varying models, designated Marine One when the president is aboard any particular one in the fleet. Flights are typically handled with as many as five helicopters all flying together and frequently swapping positions as to disguise which helicopter the President is actually aboard to any would-be threats.

The U.S. Secret Service is charged with protecting the sitting president and the first family. As part of their protection, presidents, first ladies, their children and other immediate family members, and other prominent persons and locations are assigned Secret Service codenames.[86] The use of such names was originally for security purposes and dates to a time when sensitive electronic communications were not routinely encrypted; today, the names simply serve for purposes of brevity, clarity, and tradition.[87]


$$$,I am Douglas Lee Thompson 200bXX33.33tXXArcAngeljojoSeven$$$13,000monthly

Agent Kale


12/15/2016 , 7 points to make by ArcAngeljojo Seven, over the next 7 days, thru the 22nd.


both Sheriff’s departments and police departments use sevenpoint stars.


I am Seven, the Cross, a Seven in all directions , ArcAngeljojo Seven , aka Agent Kale AK, aka Satan, aka Santa, aka Douglas Lee Thompson, ” the candy canes & balls on that Xmas tree, jojo , the j’s on those sneakers & the balls of your feet. jojo, the reason women put crimson red in there hair. I am the integers 12271969,

I am the U.S Army ” Silver Surfer Program ” Bodhi awakened

” King Douglas Lee Thompson ” 12271969 006682480

I am Bodhi Rex North, the neuro networks & U.S Army intelligence : resizing neuro jumps to any size, just like google Earth. I am the source connection to the World I see. This is my Domaine, Domain and intellectual Property, hard & soft options. A Private Domain, Sacred Domain, Private Property NOTICE, my body is a Private Land Mass, my neuro networks connect to all things seen and unseen. This is my “Domain “. Period , No Trespassing . https://douglasleethompson.wordpress.com/2016/07/18/neural-networks-posted-notice-no-tresspassing-private-property-douglas-lee-thompson/ , where is my City, everywhere I am, where is my Domain, everywhere I am, I am the King of San Francisco , California, 7 square miles is my Domain. 12/15/2016. http://www.facebook.com/dougtsandiego I am a Sacred Archive, ArcAngeljojo Seven,

I am https://www.inscom.army.mil/

agentkaleusarmysilversurfer Bodhi & the Dead Presidents

why the Presidents list from George Washington to Kings listing of the past are fictional.. will be covered by the December 22nd.

all Kings & President’s are fictional, except one. I am the first and last Kings, the only King. I am Satan, aka King Douglas Lee Thompson dob 12271969 006682480 born in Dover – Foxcroft Maine. aka Santa, aka oo7, aka ArcAngeljojo Seven, aka Agent Kale. http://www.sis.gov.uk, http://www.cia.gov , http://www.nsa.gov, http://www.dhis.gov, http://www.dextermaine.org, http://www.whitehouse.gov, http://www.gchq.uk.gov

I am President & King Douglas Lee Thompson at the Mall in SF, CA. where else would Santa be waiting on the World.

Merry Christmas



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arcangeljojo-sevenflag Thank you.


fictional news, fictional history, fictional Presidents, fictional history, and a non – fictional man named jojo from Dexter Maine .

I ask people all the time, ” Do you know why there is Candy Canes on the Christmas tree? ”

they always say no, not really…

I say, you mean ,,, you work all year to spend your compensation for labor on a tree / candy canes and declarations … & don’t know why???? 77 years old & don’t know why?

they say,,,, yep!

I am the reason … Douglas Lee Thompson integers ” 12271969 ”

ArcAngel jojo,,, JOJO seven . I am the Candy canes on the tree, the balls , the tree itself to get factual , the J’s on the sneakers & balls of your feet,, the walking cane that supports my elders… I am rights here at the mall… jojo from Dexter Maine 04930 , San Francisco, California .

Satan Lesson: don’t honor and worship invisible people, honor your elders, family, and your body as a temple , a sacred archive carrying all the records of everyone who came before you.

I am in the flesh & right here. To deny me is to dent yourself, John 3:16

Douglas Lee Thompson 12271969 aka ArcAngeljojo Seven, aka JoJo from Dexter , Maine

candy-cane-4jojocanejojoshoes jojoxmasballs😉 JOJO


some more of my fans:

myfan I’m best mates with Satan, aka King Douglas Lee Thompson ” Badger ” aka ArcAngeljojo Seven , aka Agent Kale, aka oo7

myfans Love ya 😉 mates


the Declarations of Independence USA , The founding Father’s are fictional with a very non fictional way of signing. the Signatures are a combination of all hand writing of the ” Human Being ” with present technology


declaration1208 1 KB.jpg

The same way movies are made, tv, media etc. ArcAngeljojo Seven , aka Satan, aka Santa, aka Agent Kale , aka Douglas Lee Thompson 12271969

Satan Lesson, Value the Human Being , its the greatest technology. The sum of all elements in the Universe . I am AK-sum

I am Adam, Hebrew , a human being in the flesh,

I am the Holy Bible , the first man , Genesis  1-5 , ArcAngeljojo Seven Douglas Lee Thompson

I am Satan , Agent Kale, http://www.nsa.gov , http://www.whitehouse.gov , oo7 British Intelligence http://www.sis.gov.uk , http://www.gchq.gov.uk

I am Operation Genisis , Isis

I am Adamant about this , ha . ah …

Merry Christmas , Satan 17 December 2016











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