The Human being body, private domain & intellectual property: Douglas Lee Thompson , integers 12271969 value $5,934,000.00 Million Estate Value/ ArcAngeljojo Bodhisattva , Seven

minimum : value age 47

5,934,000.00 Million

expected life expectancy : 93

46 years x $129,000.00

Ref : estate Value, neuro systems, domain & intellectual property, hard / soft options.

Adam, fist man , DNA intellectual property contained in Land mass, sacred being, domain, kingdom , domain all neuro connections to and from Human being seen & unseen: Name Douglas Lee Thompson 12.27.1969

Ref Blacks Law 10th edition

I am ArcAngeljojo Seven, my domain includes 7 square miles : called San Francisco , California , Identified as New Jerusalem

I am The King of Israel, King of San Francisco , California , aka New Jerusalem, King Douglas Lee Thompson 12271969 integers identify my connectivity to this World.

Ref: The Human body, a visual encyclopedia, Publisher : Sarah Larter

ISBN: 978-0-7566–9307-7 249 page Reference: Kingdom Valued at $33.33 Trillion Dollars

PRIVATE PROPERTY NOTICE: Property and Domain is owned by : Sir. Douglas Lee Thompson born 12.27.1969 006682480


I am the Universe and everything in it : ArcAngeljojo Seven , aka, Satan, aka, Douglas Lee Thompson 12271969.


This is my Domain and intellectual Property, I am connected to all things seen & unseen, King Douglas Lee Thompson 12271969

I am a Bodhisattva

I am a Sovereign King , Named Douglas Lee Thompson- Public Notice , Private Domain, Private Intellectual Property, Hard & Soft options, San Francisco, CA. USA 12/16/2016 2:33pm


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