My best fictional Mates , two stars “not flesh & blood”, but everyones has rights! everyone needs to be respected. the digital living world. I am ArcAngejojo Seven, Douglas Lee Thompson, aka Satan, aka Adam from the Bible Mate ;-)/ I am the integers 12271969

the fictional Russell Brand the fictional Jim Carrey with the very non fictional Douglas Lee Thompson.

I am Russell Brand, I am ArcAngeljojo Seven

I am Jim Carrey, I am ArcAngeljojo Seven

Satan lesson; honor man & the flesh, honor the human being, the source to the world in which you live. Holy Bible John 3:16

Merry Christmas

Santa / Satan 69 , Ref: Blacks Law 10th edition . ,, , , , http://www.gchq.govuk , I am AK-sum , Agent Kale, I am oo7 Douglas Lee Thompson ,

I am , ,

I am the integers 12271969 Private Property , King of Israel Douglas Lee Thompson

  • Note Jim & Russell’s are digital characters & are inspired by some bloke from down the Street. The msg … Honor your fellow man.

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