Prince Noah Douglas Thompson from Jacksonville Beach Florida the inspiration for the digital characters Eminem & Justin Bieber / ArcAngeljojo Seven



I am the King of Israel : Douglas Lee Thompson integers 12271969, dob 12271969

my son is Prince Noah Douglas Thompson integers 3191999 , dob 19 March 1999

Eminem & Justin Bieber are digital characters inspired by…. they do not exist in flesh & blood. My son Noah Douglas Thompson is Flesh & blood living in Jacksonville , Florida. I would the preverbal Eminem father who moved to San Diego, CA.

Agent Kale ,,,

oo7 Agent Kale British Intelligence ,

” I am Kim Kardashians’s Israel Body Guard, Douglas Lee Thompson 12271969 , Agent kale  * this is my Domain

I am ArcAngeljojo Seven, aka Satan, aka Santa,

Merry Christmas

Sin cerely Dad

Satan Lesson : value / honor man not a digital characterization you never met, held, touched, 5 senses , fucked etc.

John 3:16



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