Adam , ArcAngeljojo Seven. Genesis. a oo7 Intelligence Op over multi generations. Agent Kale, aka Douglas Lee Thompson integers ” 12271969 ” aka Satan,

I am ArcAngeljojo Seven

I am Adam, AK-sum , sum 1,

I am the Universe & everything in it, Domain & Intellectual Property , hard and soft options. All things seen and unseen are Private Property of: Public Notice, No Trespassing


” King of Israel ”

Sir Douglas Lee Thompson

I am the ,

Agent Kale AK, Douglas Lee Thompson 12271969 006682480

aka: Satan

I am the only 007, double oo , not zero, zero , I am a door. ArcAngeljojo Seven

Agent Kale ” King of England ” Sir. Douglas Lee Thompson

I am eve: ArcAngeljojo Seven

Eve in the Garden of Eden by Anna Lea Merritt


I am the : Special Agent Kale , Douglas Lee Thompson , there is no secret here. I am Satan, I am Adam. AKQA: email: or Goon Squad Leader. I am a U.S. Army Silver Surfer Mate.

we are always looking for Intelligent people : + Go Army + 22





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