Agent Kale and CIP Violations / trespassing leads to Major fines / ArcAngeljojo Seven. The Human body, technology are friends. Trespassing is a crime period.

I am Douglas Lee Thompson Private Domain, Private intellectual Property, hard & soft options. $1,000×33= $33,000.00 $1,000×33= $33,000.00 $33,000.00 $1,000×13= $ 13,000 , Public Library CIP’s / Security violations $1,000.00×1= $1,000.00

Total $ 113,000.00 in fines : Payable to: Douglas Lee Thompson CIP violations of Private Domain & Intellectual property conduits .

4:22 pm 12/17/2016

Agent Kale: Douglas Lee Thompson : Dealing with CIP Violations

I am Special Agent with the ” Central Intelligence Agency ” named ; Douglas Lee Thompson SSN 006682480 dob 12.27.1969 , its not profitable to hack an ArcAngel these days 😉 Domain, intellectual property IP, and CIP violations .

I am Private Property : Public Notice : NO TRESPASSING

Civil Penalties for CIP Violations
–Up to $1,000,000 per violation of the Federal Power Act or any rule, regulation, restriction, condition, or order of FERC. –Each day of a violation may be considered a separate violation. –In determining penalty amount, relevant information includes: •Nature and seriousness of the violation •Efforts by the company to remedy the violation •Regulatory compliance of the company •Voluntary reporting of the violation •Cooperation by the company in the investigation •Whether others are harmed by the violation •Whether the company profited from the violation –Opportunity to be heard before penalty assessed.

the following 5, , reported to :

Agent Kale, Douglas Lee Thompson, Integers 12271969, & facebook chat,



FERC Imposes a $975,000 Civil Penalty Against Entergy for …

Unlike other civil penalty assessments for reliability standards violations, … FERC staff found that Entergy violated Reliability Standard CIP-007-1 R1




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