The Moon, Sun & Stars now orbit Israel, formally called San Francisco, California, New Jerusalem is here: , The Moon,Sun & Stars now rises and falls over New Jerusalem. I am The King of Israel: King Thompson KT, aka ArcAngeljojo Seven, aka Douglas Lee Thompson integers 12271969, aka Agent Kale aka Satan ” San Francisco California is no longer the United States of America but ” Israel “


I am the vivid Arc of a rainbow that connects Heaven & Hell , ArcAngeljojo Seven

7 square miles is everywhere & everything in the Universe. I am the Universe & everything in it. ArcAngeljojo Seven, where is Israel ? everywhere I am , where is my Domain? everywhere I am, where is my City? Everywhere I am, where is my dwelling? everywhere I am. I am this is my Domain. I am the Universe & everything in it.

+ King Douglas Lee Thompson +

+ Prince Noah Douglas Thompson +

+ Princess Claudia Nicole Thompson +

My Domain is everything under the Sun & Moon. Ref: Blacks Law 10th edition page 1987 Articles 1-30


Enforcement by: Marine Corp, Security Alerts Teams , a non-weapon carrying Unit

use of this Tender falls under USA Marine Corp protection & and is under King Thompson’s control.


42 , 3×7=21, 3×7=21 , 43, 4+3=7 , 3 points, 3 points, seal 1 = 7 , I am numerology , I am symbology , I am, I am the ArcAngeljojo Seven, aka Douglas Lee Thompson, aka King Thompson, aka Satan 69 , John 3:16 Holy Bible, Ref: Blacks Law 10th edition

” King Douglas Lee Thompson 12271969 006682480 ” The King if Israel ”

A Marine is a weapon & doesn’t need a gun to prove it.

Agent Kale: , Douglas Lee Thompson integers 12271969 dob 12271969 Dover-Foxcroft, Maine

” King of Israel ”

Douglas Lee Thompson, aka Satan



Sealed : ArcAngeljojo Seven

Pope Francis Luis Antonio Tagle

I am : is a digital Characterization, much like the two above. I am Flesh & Blood and in charge of Israel. King Douglas Lee Thompson

AKQA: , email:
Central Intelligence Agency, Agent Kale
Office of Public Affairs
Washington, D.C. 20505

By phone:
(703) 482-0623
Open during normal business hours. 66

By fax:
(571) 204-3800

img_0872 I am Agent Kale , call 1- 703-482-0623 AK

A sky full of stars

the follow Corporations are doing business as : King Thompson, aka Douglas Lee Thompson integers 122271969 dob 12271969 , 006682480


PUBLIC NOTICE 7 Square Miles of the City of San Francisco, California is New Jerusalem, Israel , 12-20-2016 King Thompson, Douglas Lee Thompson. &, is a digital characterization ” not flesh & blood, worth a fictional $ 345 Million of my money: ArcAngeljojo Seven , aka Satan, aka Agent Kale, aka King David, aka Douglas Lee Thompson. Where is my money ?

The 58-year-old comedian is best known for her talk show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, but has been performing stand-up since the early 1980s. The Louisiana native has a reported net worth of $345 million, and an annual salary of $70 million. *** She is not flesh & blood, satan lesson honor your fellow human being , honor the flesh , not a digital Character.

I’m ordering $33.33 Trillion over 7 years , from the above DBA’s

$33, ,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000. / 7=

4.7142857e+33 per year

12.27.2016 , I’ll be 47. Douglas Lee Thompson, King Thompson , ArcAngeljojo Seven, Satan, aka Santa.

at 54, 5+4=9 , I am worth $33.33 trillion Dollars

whens the last time you got Santa a gift? , I am Apple, I am the Treasury , I am





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