Agent Kale, Kim Kardashian’s Israeli body guard. aka Douglas Lee Thompson, aka King Thompson of Israel a brewing story; I am the integers “12271969” link

I am King of Israel : King Thompson

KK becomes KT


KT&KT 2017

Agent Kale

oo7 Agent Kale


King Thompson & Kim Thompson is it a possible fit for the Israeli body ?  King if New Jerusalem – Douglas Lee Thompson dob. 12.27.1969


Agent Kale AK7KK 12/22/2016 news



I am the : , ArcAngeljojo Seven , King of Israel, King of New Jerusalem, Douglas Lee Thompson , integers 12271969, aka Satan, aka King David, aka Santa

The non fictional Satan & the digital *fictional Kim Kardashian , a marriage made in heaven 😉

Douglas Lee Thompson from Dexter Maine , Merry Christmas the very non-fictional Santa,

non-fictional Satan, non fictional ArcAngeljojo Seven, non fictional Agent Kale, non fictional Douglas Lee Thompson.

Sin cerely, KT




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