The Fictional Presidents Listing ,, I am the non Fictional ArcAngeljojo Seven 12/31/2016

All US Presidents are fictional and will remain fictional, All World leaders are fictional and will remain fictional. See listings above.

I am a very non fictional King , The First & Last King. Douglas Lee Thompson born 12.27.1969. The only World leader there is. I am in New Jerusalem.  I am the only World Leader. I am your King. the Integers ” 12271969 ” are my Domain, Douglas Lee Thompson 12.27.1969 , PUBLIC NOTICE, PRIVATE PROPERTY

New Jerusalem is the former San Francisco CA.  7 square miles , I am ArcAngeljojo Seven 12/31/2016 10:10am PST, , This is the Domain and Intellectual Property of : Douglas Lee Thompson integers 12271969, dob 12.27.1969 , King Thompson.  Ref: – Coconspirator list. PUBLIC NOTICE, PRIVATE PROPERTY, See ArcAngeljojo Seven , King Thompson for details within New Jerusalem. 4:42pm 31 Dec 2016.

Sincerely , King Thompson , Douglas Lee Thompson born 12.27.1969 Dover-Foxcroft, Maine , 006682480

any support of these fictional listings or counter parts , is an act of fraud. Any monies earned & acting on these fictional World leaders behalf is a : Fraud , Ref : Blacks Law 10th edition

Ref: Coconspirator , Blacks Law 10th edition

I am not a Coconspirator , KT

PUBLIC NOTICE, in the PUBLIC DOMAIN: , Intellectual Property , Hard & Soft Options , Domain , Private Property Notice, Special Agent Kale , Douglas Lee Thompson, , Ref: Blacks Law 10th edition

stop order request to: , I am Agent Kale, KT 12.31.2016 4:58PST, * Do your job!




agentkale Special Agent ” Central Intelligence Agency ” Agent Kale, Douglas Lee Thompson , , from Dexter, Maine kby43280eagle1



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