Why A Pine Tree for ” Christmas Day ” ? a Pine Tree, Its a very specific thing , 25 December , ArcAngeljojo Seven


Satan Lesson, honor your King in the Flesh, honor your King from the Pine Tree State. Building your life on the shifting sands of a material Universe is not wise. I was born 12.27.1969 in Dover-Foxcroft , Maine, I am your King, I am the King of Israel, I am the King of New Jerusalem. I am Satan

I was born in the Pine Tree State: Maine

I am ArcAngeljojo Seven , JoJo from Dexter, Maine

John 3:16 Holy Bible


Christmas 25 December is my intellectual Property hard & soft options, This is my Domaine, my Domain, December 25th 2016 was the last Christmas. Honor your King, ArcAngeljojo Seven, Satan

ArcAngeljojo Seven

the creator

of the Human being





NFL & Music , much more……. these were a gift, not a right.

I am the King of Israel, King Douglas Lee Thompson , from the Pine Tree State

Sin cerely


Agent Kale, Special Agent, http://www.cia.gov

oo7, Agent kale, British Intelligence , http://www.sis.gov.uk




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