The King of Israel , King Thompson orders Israeli intelligence agencies to come get there King,with a King’s omission: Benjamin Netanyahu is a fictional leader, a fictional character . I am the only King, ArcAngeljojo Seven , Fictional

Douglas Lee Thompson , born: 12.27.1969 Non-Fictional King of Israel, aka ArcAngeljojo Seven, aka Satan, aka JoJo from Dexter, Maine. aka Agent Kale , aka oo7,


Benjamin Netanyahu is a fictional , digital animation,

Douglas Lee Thompson, Non fictional, Satan

King Thompson, in New Jerusalem , King of Israel , Non-Fiction , New Jerusalem the formally called , San Francisco, CA. About 13,300,000 results (0.82 seconds)
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Map of 7 Miles Ct, San Francisco, CA 94108
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7 Miles Ct, San Francisco, CA 94108

I am ArcAngeljojo Seven , this is my Domain & intellectual Property, Hard & Soft options, called New Jerusalem, called Heaven.

Im ordering all Israeli Intelligence Agencies to come get there King: King Douglas Lee Thompson , 12271969 dob , 006682480 , this is happening right nwo, now, 7:29 PM
Saturday, January 7, 2017 (GMT+2)
Time in Jerusalem, Israel


King Douglas Lee Thompson, King of Israel :

I am CNN , , I am ArcAngeljojo Seven

7 Jan 2017 9:38am New Jerusalem

I am ordering Israeli Intelligence , Israeli Military to secure there King, I am your King, Douglas Lee Thomson dob 12.27.1969 006682480

I am a FBI: King Douglas Lee Thompson


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