FBI’s Most Wanted. Captain Teresa Ewins is my Domain $& Intellectual Property hard & Soft Options, Archon King Thompson, Douglas Lee Thompson D3028090 California Dob 12.27.1969, ArcAngeljojo Seven, Teresa Ewins is my Domain, Private Property, Public Notice, No Trespassing

http://sanfranciscopolice.org/Tenderloin-station, is the Domain & intellectual property of King Thompson, Hard & soft Options, Ref: Blacks Law 10th edition

Archon King Thompson

ArcAngeljojo Seven

Tenderloin Station

Captain Teresa Ewins

Captain, Fictional
Teresa Ewins, Non-Fictional

A triangular area bordered by Geary, Market and Larkin streets, the Tenderloin Police District is the smallest of ten district station areas. The Tenderloin Task Force was created on April 1st 1991 (with the first bicycle patrol in the city) to combat the high level of crime in that area and made its headquarters in the basement of the historic Hibernia Bank building. A new headquarters, now formally known as Tenderloin Station, opened in October 2000 at 301 Eddy Street.

The officers of Tenderloin Station patrol an area with the highest concentration of parolees in the city, but the area has also become a place of residence for many law-abiding immigrant families, especially from southeast Asia. The officers’ role, then, has been to make this area safe with its expanding businesses and eateries which cater to those families.

Private Intellectual Property of King Thompson, Douglas Lee Thompson, 12.27.1969 006682480 D3028090

the King of Israel, Non-fictional

the Illuminati , ArcAngeljojo Seven, Non-Fictional

Private Domain,

Tenderloin Police Station
District Map

301 Eddy St.
San Francisco, CA 94102
(415) 345-7300

Emergency, dial: 911
Non-emergency, dial: (415) 553-0123
TIP LINE: (415) 575-4444

No Trespassing 69 , private domain, 69 private intellectual property , hard & soft options 69


email: dougtabq@icloud.com

where is my Kingdom, everywhere I am, KT

where is my Temple, everywhere I am, KT

where is my Domain, everywhere I am, KT

where is my intellectual property, everywhere I am, KT

Where is New Jerusalem, everywhere I am, KT

Where is Heaven, everywhere I am, KT

Where is my voice, everywhere I am, KT

Where is my Money, everywhere I am, KT

Where is my https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jurisdiction, everywhere I am

I am Archon King Thompson, KT

Captain, Fictional
Teresa Ewins, Fictional Law enforcement, FBI’s most wanted , Non-Fictional

Teresa Ewins is my Domain, KT, Non-Fictional

where is my  dominance , everywhere I am, KT

I am Agent Kale, Douglas Lee Thompson, (AK) 12/27/1969 006682480

D3028090 California, Non-Fictional

the FBI is my Domain and Intellectual Property Hard & Soft Options

http://www.fbi.gov , Non-Fictional

I am Satan the prosecutor , Intelligence Operative, http://www.cia.gov , Non-fictional

Archon King Thompson, Non-Fictional

Illuminati , Non-Fictional

I am the 7 point badge, I am the money in your pocket, http://sanfranciscopolice.org/Tenderloin-station is the Domain of Archon King Thompson

you serve me, and me only.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Illuminati is the Domain of ArcAngeljojo Seven, Satan, Douglas Lee Thomson, King Archon, Thompson, King Thompson, KT, I am

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Knights_Templar , KT

it’s my Time , Satan , I am Non-Fiction


I am The God of Hearts, ArcAngeljojo Seven, JoJo from Dexter, Maine, Douglas Lee Thompson


jojos-labhttp://www.facebook.com is my Domain, Douglas Lee Thompson, 12.27.1969, Archon King Thompson, Non-Fictional

The Internet is my Domain

7 square miles called New Jerusalem

San Francisco, CA. New Jerusalem, San Francisco is Israel, I am the King of Israel, KT, Non-Fictional


agentkale-fbi the Domain & intellectual property hard & soft options of ArcAngeljojo Seven, JoJo from Dexter, Maine, Douglas Lee Thompson

12.27.1969, 006682480, D3028090 California


https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Temple_Mount, Non-fictional

where is my dwelling, everywhere I am, KT, Non-fictional

Michael Jordan, #23, Fictional , I am the Illuminati

Michael Jordan #23 is my Domain & intellectual property hard & soft options

http://www.whitehouse.gov President Douglas Lee Thompson 12.27.1969

Donald Trump, Fictional, Donald Trump is fictional, I am Illuminati



Donald Trump is my Domain & intellectual property hard & soft options

http://www.fbi.gov , KT

Contact CIA, Agent Kale (AK ) Archon King Thompson, KT



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