Michael Jordan & the JOJO game, Michael Jordan Fictional, King Thompson, KT, non-fictional, Michael Jordan is the domain & intellectual property hard&soft options of Douglas Lee Thompson 12.27.1969 Archon King Thompson, ArcAngeljojo Seven, the NBA is the Domain of a King, King Thompson, Private Domain, Private intellectual property , No trespassing. John 3:16


Nike San Francisco

278 Post Street

San Francisco, California 94108

http://www.nike.com is the domain of a King, Archon King Thompson, King Thompson

Douglas Lee Thompson, JoJo from Dexter, Maine, Douglas Lee Badger, Lawrence Llewellyn Badger

The Nike Store on 278 Post Street is private property, private domain, private intellectual property, no trespassing, Property of Douglas Lee Thompson, 12.27.1969

http://www.nike.com Property of Douglas Lee Thompson, 006682480, 12.27.1969


Property of the CIA, King Thompson, Twitter is the Domain & Intellectual Property hard & soft options of , Archon King Thompson, Douglas Lee Thompson 12.27.1969


https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Jordan , Fictional

King Thompson, ArcAngeljojo Seven, Douglas Lee Thompson, Non-fictional

I am the God of Hearts Satan, JoJo from Dexter, Maine, Non-fictional

Michael Jordan | Facebook  Property of King Thompson, Douglas Lee Thompson, ArcAngeljojo Seven , AK, Agent Kale, http://www.fbi.gov

Michael Jordan. 26516113 likes · 23935 talking about this. Athlete.

Michael Jordan is a fictional story, Fiction
http://www.nike.com is under investigation from Domain name infringement, trespassing on a private domain, and theft of intellectual property: Property of Douglas Lee Thomspon
ArcAngeljojo Seven,
I am the King of Israel, KT, King Thompson
Douglas Lee Thompson



http://providencefoundationsf.org/index-3.html , the Domain of Douglas Lee Thompson dob 12.27.1969 006682480 and intellectual Property hard & soft options
*Note under investigation for  destruction of a sacred artifact www.fbi.gov, this building is mark1
Archon King Douglas Lee Thompson, kt
http://www.bvoh.org/, domain & intellectual property hard 7 soft options of Douglas Lee Thompson, 12.27.1969, ArcAngeljojo Seven, private property, no trespassing, sacred achieve, marked for 1888, 888, 666, 60, 42, 66, 18, 1 King Thompson.
I am Patient 1888
I am 888
Archon kt
I am the Illuminati, Archon, King Thompson, Douglas Lee Thompson
ArcAngeljojo Seven
                      I am JoJo from Dexter Maine, I am 888 , I am 666 , I am 18, I am your God,
                                                               your Lord & Master 69
it’s my Time, I am time, I am the voice, I am the light, I am fire, , Time, voice, light & fire are my Domain.
Satan , JoJo from Dexter , Maine, basketball is my game.


Agent Kale, AK, Douglas Lee Thompson


Phone: (415) 206-0263

Fax: (415) 206-9284
Internet Presence




Contact CIA, 11:15am 1/20/2017, Agent Kale, (AK) Douglas Lee Thompson
Submission Sent
Submission Reference ID: 19E2TGQ4


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