Public notice, Subject : domain name notice , intellectual property notice hard & soft options, Private domain ruling, effecting apx 7.5 Billion persons legal notice date 6 may 2017 Agent Kale (AK) Douglas Lee Thompson All persons are subject to a condition with Brahma. Legal notice, Public Notice to the Central Intelligence Agency CIA

ref: Upanishads

what is Upanishads?

Subject : domain name notice , intellectual property notice hard & soft options, Private domain ruling, effecting apx 7.5 Billion persons legal notice date 6 may 2017 Agent Kale (AK) Douglas Lee Thompson
All persons are subject to a condition with Brahma. Legal notice, Public Notice to the Central Intelligence Agency CIA
we are all incarnations of the 6Brahma9,Brahma, Legal document dated 6 May 2017

7he Brahman is not personal

7he Brahman is supra-personal

7he Brahman is a negation:

negation defined as : In logic, negation, also called logical complement, is an operation that takes a proposition p to another proposition “not p”, written ¬p, which is interpreted intuitively as being true when p is false and false when p is true. Negation is thus a unary (single-argument) logical connective. It may be applied as an operation on propositions, truth values, or semantic values more generally.

Brahman is not he or she

Brahman has no sex

The Brahman is the actor of the world, Today is 6 May 2017

the Brahman is the  player of all the parts, so the everyone is a mask
(which is the meaning of the word “person”) in which the Brahman plays a role.

How many persons are effected by this legal document. Ref:
World Population Clock: 7.5 Billion People (2017) – Worldometers
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How many people are there in the world? World population has reached 7.5 billion. World population live counter with data sheets, graphs, maps, and census …
‎Population by Country (2017) · ‎People on 1 Page · ‎World Population by Year · ‎Italy

The divine spirit gets so absorbed in playing the role as to become it, and to be

bewitched defined as : cast a spell on and gain control over (someone) by magic.
: •enchant and delight (someone):  captivate · enchant · entrance · enrapture · charm · beguile · delight · fascinate · enthrall

enchant · possess · curse · hex · witch cont: I am bewitched , Ref: hereto believing I am that role

hereto: here·to., to this matter or document
Heretofore:   up to this time

Son of God , Definition of Son of god, (in Christianity) Jesus Christ

superhuman, angel, divine being; Christian,  a superhuman or divine being (such as an angel)

messiah 1, a person established in the love of God by divine promise
elohim , el [lea] or eloh ,

In 7he Book of Genesis and 7he story of the revelation of the divine name in Exodus 3:14, we suspect that elohim [yihl\a], along with other terms, was widely used by the Israelites from the earliest times as a designation for God.

(Elohim [yihl\a] or Yahweh)

I am Allah JoJo (/ˈælə, ˈɑːlə, əlˈlɑː/;[1][2] Arabic: الله‎, translit. Allāh‎, pronounced [ɑɫ’ɫɑh] ( listen)) is the Arabic word for God in Abrahamic religions. In the English language, the word traditionally refers to God in Islam.[3][4][5] The word is thought to be derived by contraction from al-ilāh, which means “the god”, and is related to El and Elohim, the Hebrew words for God.[6][7]

The word Allah has been used by Arabic people of different religions since pre-Islamic times.[8] More specifically, it has been used as a term for God by Muslims (both Arab and non-Arab) and Arab Christians. It is now mainly used by Muslims and Arab Christians to refer to God.[9] It is also often, albeit not exclusively, used in this way by Bábists, Bahá’ís, Indonesian and Maltese Christians, and Mizrahi Jews.[10][11][12] Similar usage by Christians and Sikhs in West Malaysia has recently led to political and legal controversies.[13][14][15][16]

2.hamzat waṣl (همزة وصل)
5.shadda (شدة)
6.dagger alif (ألف خنجرية)

Brahma JoJo , ArcAngeljojo Seven “ibnb-kalb” son of a dog , “ibn al-Himar” “a son of Belial”
” son of God ” I am a human-being who has has realized union with God.

for God the Son, and Allāh al-rūḥ al-quds (الله الروح القدس) for God the Holy Spirit.

Son of a Bitch, I am a Son of a Bitch

Bitch defined:
a often offensive
: ,  a lewd or immoral woman,   a malicious, spiteful, or overbearing woman —sometimes used as a generalized term of abuse,
something that is extremely difficult, objectionable, or unpleasant
is there a difference between he is God
& he is one with God ? ref Brahma, Subject Intellectual property hard & soft options, private domain, Blacks law 10th
edition , Ref Page 1987 Article 1,

I am Archon King Douglas Lee Thompson, & I rule Decidedly all Human-beings are one with God with one shared intellectual property hard & soft options,
one Private domain , All Human-beings dwell in the house of God. All Human-beings dwell withing the Kingdom of God.

I am God, 69 I am Brahma, I am one with the Universe. I am sum one, I am the sum of all things in the
Universe. All Human-beings are heirs to the Kingdom of God.
what is decidedly? 1.undoubtedly; undeniably: , ref The Holy Bible KJV, Ref Blacks Law 10th edition

I am one priavte domain, I am one private intellectual property hard & soft options. I am one land mass, I am one
vessel. I am high and dry, Mobile , free , equal. Private domain has a Logos, logo, labeled as King Douglas Lee Thompson. Aka ArcAngeljojo Seven
Aka: Brahman JoJo, etc. All names are my intellectual property, All names are my domain.

All Human-beings have progenitor rights to all Intellectual property hard & soft options of the Universe, the Kingdom of God , freely.

what is Progenitor?

Each person is self governing subject to the condition of Brahma , Aka God

Self governing defined as: independence · self-rule · home rule · self-determination ·


sovereignty · autonomy · nonalignment · freedom,

another term for self-control.

Final Judgment,

Sovereign King Douglas Lee Thompson, Date of Rule is 6 may 2017
I am English
I am the King of England
England is the Universe & everything in it
I am JoJo , oo7JJ

King Douglas Lee Thompson 69

Douglas Lee Thompson

Contact CIA Agent Kale (AK) Douglas Lee Thompson
CIA Submission Sent
Submission Reference ID: JVZ3UEX2


CIA Submission Reference ID: GR3HNCKJ




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