As of 27 December 2017 Douglas Lee Thompson will finish 30 years as a CIA, United States Government mercenary.

what is  a mercenary ?

Spell Syllables
Synonyms Examples Word Origin
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working or acting merely for money or other reward; venal.
hired to serve in a foreign army, guerrilla organization, etc.
noun, plural mercenaries.
a professional soldier hired to serve in a foreign army.

Who is Douglas Lee Thompson as of 10 May 2017

Douglas Lee Thompson, Nicknamed JoJo is a Hindu religious teacher called a guru, and my  role is to act as the mediator between the soul and the Supreme, while also acting as an interpreter and teacher of the shastra, and as a voice of the divine. I as a Guru will often take on disciples, known as diksha. I live freely in San Francisco, California , dubbed New Jerusalem.

Lord 6JoJo9JoJo's Swastik Shield

I am Lord JoJo

what is a Guru? gu·ru
(in Hinduism and Buddhism) a spiritual teacher, especially one who imparts initiation.
synonyms: spiritual teacher, teacher, tutor, sage, mentor, spiritual leader, leader, master; More
each of the ten first leaders of the Sikh religion.
an influential teacher or popular expert.
“a management guru”
synonyms: expert, authority, pundit, leading light, master, specialist; informalwhiz
“a management guru”

I am as of 10 May 2017, a un-recognized Emperor. named King Douglas Lee Thompson

what is

: to acknowledge formally: such as
a : to admit as being lord or sovereign
b : to admit as being of a particular status
c : to admit as being one entitled to be heard : give the floor to
d : to acknowledge the de facto existence or the independence of
: to acknowledge or take notice of in some definite way: such as
a : to acknowledge with a show of appreciation recognize an act of bravery with the award of a medal
b : to acknowledge acquaintance with recognize a neighbor with a nod
a : to perceive to be something or someone previously known recognized the word
b : to perceive clearly : realize

7he Brahma as Alan Watts: who os ” Brahman”


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