what is a person? from the perspective of Brahma & the Dominant narrative 2017

In which is the meaning of the word “person” the Brahman plays a role. Brahman is the actor of the world,
the player of all the parts, so that everyone is a mask. Person = mask

what is a mask? 1.a covering for all or part of the face, worn as a disguise, or to amuse or terrify other people.
synonyms: disguise · false face · domino · visor,
3.a likeness of a person’s face in clay or wax, especially one made by taking a mold from the face.

4.a manner or expression that hides one’s true character or feelings; a pretense:

“she let her mask of moderate respectability slip”
synonyms: pretense · semblance · veil · screen · front · false front ·

facade · veneer · blind · disguise · guise · concealment · cover · cover-up · cloak · camouflage
1.cover (the face) with a mask.
synonyms: hide · conceal · disguise · cover up · obscure · screen ·

cloak · camouflage · veil

what is a actor? What is ACTOR?
In Roman law. One who acted for another; one who attended to another’s business; a manager or agent. A slave who attended to, transacted, or superintended his master’s business or affairs, received and paid out moneys, and kept accounts. Burrill. A plaintiff or complainant. In a civil or private action the plaintiff was often called by the Romans “pctitor;” in a public action (causa publico) he was called “accusator.” The defendant was called “reus,” both in private and public causes; this term, however, according to Cicero, {De Orat. ii. 43,) might signify either party, as indeed we might conclude from the word itself. In a private action, the defendant was often called “adversarius,” but either party might be called so. Also, the term is used of a party who, for the time being, sustains the burden of proof, or bus the initiative in the suit. In old European law. A proctor, advocate, or pleader; one who acted for another in legal matters; one who represented a party and managed his cause. An attorney, bailiff, or steward; one who managed or acted for another. The Scotch “doer” is the literal translation.
Law Dictionary: What is ACTOR? definition of ACTOR (Black’s Law Dictionary) 10th edition
what is a person? 1.a human being regarded as an individual: ,  human being · individual · man/woman · child · human ·

being · (living) soul · mortal · creature · personage · character · customer · type · sort · cookie · body · dog · wight
in christian theology

each of the three modes of being of God, namely the Father, the Son, or the Holy Spirit, who together constitute the Trinity.

what is the Brahman ? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brahman

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