Vatican Cleric # ZWEG533W

Vatican defined as a : NOUN
  1. (the Vatican)
    the palace and official residence of the pope in Rome.
    • the administrative center of the Roman Catholic Church.

I am citizen CIA, citizen of a Sovereignty Kingdom Ref # ZWEG533W
I am #ZWEG533W
where is my Kingdom? everywhere I am
where is my domain? everywhere I am
where is my intellectual property hard & soft options? everywhere I am
where is my dwelling? everywhere I am
where is my Temple? everywhere I am

address: By postal mail:
Central Intelligence Agency
Office of Public Affairs
Washington, D.C. 20505

By phone:
(703) 482-0623
Open during normal business hours.

By fax:
(571) 204-3800
Contact CIA

CIA Submission Sent 16 May 2017
Submission Reference ID: ZWEG533W
Field Intelligence Operative: Caste: CIA Intelligence, Cleric # ZWEG533W

Sovereignty: defined as :

Sovereignty is understood in jurisprudence as the full right and power of a governing body to govern itself without any interference from outside sources or bodies. In political theory, sovereignty is a substantive term designating supreme authority over some polity. It is a basic principle underlying the dominant Westphalian model of state foundation.

Westphalian: defined as:
Westphalian sovereignty is the principle of international law that each nation state has sovereignty
over its territory and domestic affairs, to the exclusion of all external powers, on the principle of
non-interference in another country’s domestic affairs, and that each state (no matter how large or small)
is equal in international.

Palazzo Apostolico Vaticano 00120 Vatican City: Address Information: (Office of the Pope) Palazzo Apostolico Vaticano 00120

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