Brahmanism, Vedic principles, the Cleric & Vetting process. The 2017 CIA, Cult leader Lord JoJo

Vetting is also a term used in the field of transitional justice. When countries undergo a process of transition—after a period of armed conflict or authoritarian rule—they must determine what to do with public employees who perpetrated human rights abuses.

The term Brahmanism is derived from the central metaphysical and pantheistic concept of Brahman that developed during the Vedic era, which was posited as that which existed before the creation of the universe, which constitutes all of existence thereafter, and into which the universe will dissolve into, followed by similar endless creation-maintenance-destruction cycles.

I am Brahman JoJo Vatican Cleric # ZWEG533W

I am 7he Black Sun, # ZWEG533W I declare autonomy.

JoJoZWEG533WAntichrist cross






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