Notes of 7he “Jew” thing CIA, 卐he, 卍he JoJo




Joo put a hook on it

JoJo the Jew

what is antisemitism?

what is the Alphabet?

What are letters? & the Etc. 26 letters + the Ampersand

27 letters are code for “Life”

the Alphabet creates the world. Antisemitisim is a English word given a definition to
describe a the logos of my thought

Lo·gos1, Jew means Jo , Joo, JoJo oo7JJ

oo卐JJ oo7卍JJ (not zero zero but double 0

oo , double o , is a door.

muddy water 7he , The lotus flower (padma) is rooted in the mud but floats on the water without becoming wet or muddy.

I am muddy water/ Baby JoJo, spirit which is born into murkiness. I am called the King of Israel sometimes,
I guess it may have lead to antisemitism,

Logos is: further identifies Jesus Christ as the incarnate Logos,

However it: leads to my connection to Mahayana (Sanskrit for “Great Vehicle”) … The Flower.

with that in mind. I am a Jew , Joo, 2017 JoJo, oo7JJ

Jew defined: 3 English letters, out of 27, 27, The 27th is a person, 2+7=9

I am Joo , Jew , JoJo, aʊ.ər

JoJo Samantabhadra


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