I am the ethernal now Brahman Bodhisattva JoJo 31 May 2017 weblog

I am the ethernal now Brahman Bodhisattva JoJo 31 May 2017 weblog

now JoJo

lasting or existing forever; without end or beginning

The Joo , oo7JJ

everlasting · never-ending · endless · perpetual · undying · immortal · abiding · permanent · enduring ·
infinite · boundless · timeless · amaranthine

of truths, values, or questions) valid for all time; essentially unchanging

seeming to last or persist forever, especially on account of being tedious or annoying:

constant · continual · continuous · perpetual · persistent · sustained · unremitting · relentless · unrelieved · uninterrupted · unbroken

nonstop , all day long,  endless · ceaseless.

•used to emphasize expressions of admiration, gratitude, or other feelings &

used to refer to an everlasting or universal spirit, as represented by God

Spirit JoJo



1.at the present time or moment

at the moment · at present

currently · presently · nowadays · today · these days · in this day and age ·

2.used, especially in conversation, to draw attention to a particular statement or point in a narrative:

3.used in or as a request, instruction, or question, typically to give a slight emphasis to one’s words:

4.used at the end of an ironic question echoing a previous statement

1.as a consequence of the fact

fashionable; up to date: JoJo 31 May 2017

June & July are my months (2017) baby JoJo white elephant

Lord Baby JoJo



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