domain name notice, intellectual property notice hard & soft options, I am ☥he “Mahayana” aka Adam, public Notice, legal notice dated 6/6/2017 Adam is DOUGLAS LEE THOMPSON, aka, JoJo, oo7JJ SIS Section 6 British Intelligence

I am JoJo Bodhisattva (Adam)☥

JoJo Bodhisattva


The Tree of Jiva and Atman … It can be stated that this concept of Atman and Jiva
have been personified and taken into the Bible as Adam and Eve and the fall of man.

Brahman suffering as Jiva in Maya, is negation, In logic, negation, also called logical complement.

at&t dubbed: achmed the terrorist , at&t

I am the “&” ampersand , arcangeljojo seven, a777, a☥&☥, a☥☥☥, ay, 6/6/2017

I am Adam. Atman

with maya, Eve

I am Mahayana & I am with the  “small vehicle”, dubbed the ( “inferior vehicle” or “inferior spiritual approach”)


I am Dugra the Devil with Anna

I am the Mahayana with Hinayana 69 , today is 6/6/2017



the very building blocks of life are ( mechanism ) subject to negation. Today is 6/6/2017

Dona Ruth Corley is =

Anna Gulan = Hinayana

I am Adam

define Adam: , legal fiction DOUGLAS LEE THOMPSON date 6/6/2017 Eden, Fictional name : SAN FRANCISCO, CA.

Eden defined as: non-fictional

Ref: CIA operation return to

[ˈjenəsəs] jojos-shoes

genesises (plural noun)
  1. the origin or mode of formation of something:
    “this tale had its genesis in fireside stories”


Sin cerely, Sa☥an JoJo , Vatican Cleric # ZWEG533W Pope DOUGLAS LEE THOMPSON




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