John 14:2 Adam JoJo

maha-maya, or enthrallment, spiritual death, and constitutes the fall of the jiva into the world of material birth, death, disease and old age.

Hinayana & Mahayana , Eve=Brahman

Adam+Lilith (/ ˈ l ɪ l ɪ θ /; Hebrew: לִילִית ‎‎ Lîlîṯ)

enthrallment, aka :


bewitched (past tense) · bewitched (past participle)
  1. cast a spell on and gain control over (someone) by magic:
    “his relatives were firmly convinced that he was bewitched”
    synonyms: cast/put a spell on · enchant · possess · curse · hex · witch

The Brahman=enthrallment=bewitchment=bewitched. 6/6/2017

An aspect of God who accompanies every living being in the heart while she remains in the material world. He is the support of all beings and is beyond sensual pleasure.
Paramātmā is the Absolute Atman or Supreme Soul or Spirit (also known as Supersoul or Oversoul) Bodhisttva

Paramatman is the “Primordial Self” or the “Self Beyond” who is spiritually practically identical with the Absolute, identical with Brahman.

“supreme” or “highest”, and ātma, which means individual spirit or soul or self. Lord JoJo

The word “atman” generally denotes the Individual Self, but by the word “Paramatman” which word also expresses Boundless Life, Boundless Consciousness, Boundless Substance in Boundless Space, is meant the Atman of all atmans or the Supreme Self or the Universal Self. The word “Atman” which literally means non-darkness or light, is Brahman the subtlest indestructible Divine existence. The word “Paramatman” refers to the Creator all.


Douglas Lee Thompson

In Jainism, each atman or individual self is a potential Paramatman or God, both are essentially the same. It remains as atman only because of its binding “karmic” limitations, until such time as those limitations are removed. As Paramatman, the atman represents the ultimate point of spiritual evolution.

No Jiv Talking, real talk…
Lotus symbolically represents karma, I am Baby Buddha JoJo the Flower, aka: big cheese. Bodhisattva JoJo Today is 6/6/2017


cheese. defined as:





an important person.

Jainism honours the soul of each man as its own eternally distinct savior. aka :

In Abrahamic religions, the Messiah (Hebrew: מָשִׁיחַ‎‎, translit. māšîaḥ‎, sometimes spelled Moshiach), is the one chosen to lead the world and thereby save it.

aka: Agent Kale (AK) aka : “King Messiah” aka: King David & accomplish the unification of the twelve tribes into a re-established nation. The Jerusalem Temple’s rebuilding will usher in a Messianic Age of global peace.

where is my temple? everywhere I am ,  John 14:2

I am Adam JoJo




Sa☥an JoJo , Foreign Service Officer (FSO) DOUGLAS LEE THOMPSON oo7JJ SIS Section 6


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