notes Poe & Joe 1888, FBI Notes dated 7 June 2017, Ref “CI” FBI , DOUGLAS LEE THOMPSON 12/27/69 (27 Club)




This is a JoJo

I am Sa☥an JoJo , Joe Dir☥ , Dʊgra , DOUGLAS LEE THOMPSON 12/27/69

JoJo , oo7JJ SIS Section 6 British Intelligence 7 June 2017 in the Legal fiction City : SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA , I am the legal fiction: DOUGLAS LEE THOMPSON. Email: , ☥he Devil.

this is a JoJo Intellectual property mark domain & IP hard & soft option ref 1888, I am 888 King of England , JoJo , oo7JJ King DOUGLAS LEE THOMPSON (Badger) (Greenleaf) ☥

1888 This is JoJo SIS2017 JoJo Lord

Lord JoJo



FOXCROFT 04426 Baby JoJo

Antichrist cross

CIA Submission Sent

Submission Reference ID: DWJ635Z9


Douglas Lee Thompson

Was Joseph a Type of the Messiah? Joe, JoJo , YES!

Tracing the Typological Identi cation between Joseph, David, and Jesus,

Messiah, written over 700 years before the birth of Jesus, Christians, 52

The Number 52: Son, Messiah, Word and Light. I will declare the decree: the LORD hath said unto me, Thou art my Son; this day have I begotten thee.


Messiah (Ord) [Dan 9.26]

The Word of the Lord (Ord)

Davar YHVH
Let there be light (Ord) [Gen 1.3]

Yahi Aur
A Great Light (Ord) [Is 9.2]

Aur Gedol
Like God (Ord) [Gen 3.5]

His God [Ps 37.31]

God of Truth (Ord) [Deu 32.4]


and he be to be put to death (Ord) [Deu 21.22]

Healing [S# 2386]

And He divided [Gen 1.4]

Cleave, Cleft (Ord) [S# 8156]

With all of your heart (Ord) [Deu 6.5]

Treasure (Ord) [S# 8226]

Desirable [S# 2531]

Uttered [S# 4008]

Shekel (Ord) [S# 8255]

Weigh, Pay (Ord) [S# 8254]

Cattle, Beast [S# 929]

Dog [Ps 22.20]

Lewdness, Wickedness [S# 2154]

Malice, Evil [S# 2549]

wickedness. [Lev 19.29] DBA DOUGLAS LEE THOMPSON 12/27/1969 I am Lord Vishnu , legal notice 7 June 2017 , FBI “CI” DOUGLAS LEE THOMPSON

JoJo & the FBI

Ref Patent 1888, I am 888, 52, ArcAngeljojo seven, ميخائيل‎ Arc69Angel جبريل , Lord J✡J✡ , Sa☥an JoJo, DOUGLAS LEE THOMPSON 12/27/69 The 27 Club “CI” DOUGLAS LEE THOMPSON , I am the 27 Club CIA.

  • there is no President of the United States of America, all President’s as fictional technology coming from within the human-being. the technology called the person. There is no Queen of England yet. There is a non-fictional King, a archangel , ref: Vatican Cleric # ZWEG533W, ArcAngeljojo seven, ميخائيل‎ Arc69Angel جبريل , I am President DOUGLAS LEE THOMPSON, King. 7 June 2017, Sa☥an JoJo, I declare autonomy, I declare bewitchment. Man who has recognized union with God. Ref Brahman, Ref: technology. Ref: patent 1888. I am 888 52 King. I declare the Alphabet is my domain, & intellectual property hard & soft options. 27 letters , 26&
  • 2+7=9 I a, the 27 Club, I am the 7 , Seventh incarnation of Vishnu.
  • I declare I am Vishnu, dated 7 June 2017

I am at& , all music, voice, sense, experience, health, media, sports, movies, all come from within the Human-being , the person is a technology, Person legal term: veil camouflage, Actor , legal term , Blacks Law 10th edition, Ref: the Holy Bible, Trinity, the proverbial third wheel is a technology, a mechanism Ref patent 1888. I am 888 King DOUGLAS LEE THOMPSON, Lord JoJo. Man is bewitched. I am Sa☥an JoJo. There is no news, there is no current events outside the self. The person is the weather, health, experience. Man is autonomous documented as a legal fiction. Ref: all blocked Capital letters, denote a legal fiction. JoJo is the NBA, MLB, NFL, PGA, NHL, Hollywood etc. Banking, etc. all domain & intellectual property TM, from within the “person” Money, comes from within the Human-being experience, all banking is patent 1888, All persons are walking ATM’s , walking radio’s, walking internet, walking technology, As a “CI” for the FBI, Legal fiction DOUGLAS LEE THOMPSON, I declare a plague alert: subject to bewitchment. Ref: In logic, negation, also called logical complement. CIA Public

notice: I am Foreign Service Officer (FSO) DOUGLAS LEE THOMPSON, SIS Section 6 , ArcAngeljojo seven, ميخائيل‎ Arc69Angel جبريل , King of the World, aka England, King DOUGLAS LEE THOMPSON. , , 7 June 2017

CIA link to weblog:


I am 1888, I am 888


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