al ilāh jojo moonbow ☥he vivid arc of a rainbow connec☥ing heaven & hell. 8 June 2017, I am ☥he seven seals ArcAngeljojo seven, ميخائيل‎ Arc69Angel جبريل





Negation inside ☥he person & he Brahman lead to witch burning. Sa☥an JoJo ‘s omission will lead to autonomy through lack of ignorance. Inflation and famine will plague the earth from within. And is already. 8 June 2017

In logic, negation, also called logical complement Sa☥an JoJo , liberates man 2017-2018.

Exodus 20:20 KJV

Man is liberated though knowledge of there source connection to death. 20/20 vision is Lord JoJo. Bill Cosby JoJo

Bill with his JoJo glasses on. ☥Bill Cosby is in the 27 Club!

CIA link to weblog:



there is an (“elephant“) in the room, Baby Jojo, aka Mr West is in the building. I am e·ther (ē′thər, ether, chi. 666 , 18, 1, X

I am the white elephant☥, Lord JoJo. 8 June 2017, King DOUGLAS LEE THOMPSON oo7JJ SIS Section 6

Lord Baby JoJo


*did you see Bill’s expression , Expression X, expression is a technology coming from within the person, ref: legal term, ref: actor, blacks law 10th edition, ref: Brahman.

Ref Patent 1888, Ref: 888 I am King, ref: skull & bones, I am Lord JoJo 8 June 2017.

expression: Mr.West, patent 1888. Mr. West is in he building. X=JoJo

This is JoJo 7June2017

This is a JoJo This is a JoJoPatent 1888, Iam888. King! I’m inside you! I have this on lock! I am Sa☥an JoJo 8 June 2017. , DOUGLAS LEE THOMPSON “CI” FBI


Contact CIA Agent Kale (AK) DOUGLAS LEE THOMPSON cia-director-douglas-lee-thompson




CIA Submission Sent

Submission Reference ID: XWYHJSWC
· Plague Alert 8 June 2017 NegationAntichrist cross




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