Edward Norton is in the 27 Club

X = loch,


a lake.


•an arm of the sea, especially when narrow or partially landlocked

late Middle English: from Scottish Gaelic.

x ugh, loch, Chanukah[8] , https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Help:IPA_for_English


X =  Chanukah = (Hanukkah)

X = JoJo

1+2= 3 , Nirvana , why are boobs good.

2+7=9 Chanukah, 27 Club (I am that living bread)

1969 1+9+6+9=25


2+5=7 i am arcangeljojo seven 7 卐 Lord J卐 J卍

This is  a JoJo

I am the Loch Ness Monster , The Beast from the East, I am The boy from the Pine tree State, Maine New England, Mr. 25 December, I am The candy canes & balls on the pine tree, JoJo, I am X-mas! Sa☥an JoJo. I am the 27 club!

This is a JoJo X

Edward Norton is in the 27 Club


Scotland JoJo

I am JoJo , oo7JJ, ( double o) SIS Section 6, King is England, King of Israel, http://www.sis.gov.uk

King Douglas Lee Thompson 69


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