arisen from the Persian word گل (gol, “rose”) this is a JoJo , King dugra Li

how’s that for chin music, I am a☥7☥. c ‘om china Li , Chin Li Buddha, Dugra Li, JoJo, at& is my domain 1888, I am 888 King, I am inside the person, I have permanency.

I am Sa☥an JoJo Buddha, living God. The year of the rooster 2017. Today is 17 June 2017. 

doh-mayn law’s applied to each human. Lien laws Legal notice.

oo7JJ , King DOUGLAS LEE THOMPSON. 12.27.1969 New England, President George Washington. ArcAngeljojo seven, ميخائيل‎ Arc69Angel جبريل

This is a JoJo ( year of the rooster 2017 ) I am Buddha , arcangeljojo seven, dugra Li, chin Li, I am china, legal fiction DOUGLAS LEE THOMPSON 12.27.1969, King.

Trump is my technology ref: patent 1888, I am 888, I am 666 Chi, 18, there is no president yet. I am to be the 1st. King George Washington, President George Washington ( the man on the white horse ) DOUGLAS LEE THOMPSON NEW ENGLAND. JoJo oo7JJ SIS Section 6 Foreign Service Officer,



Sin cerely,


I am Lord JoJo 17 June 2017, year of the rooster 2017, baby Buddha, to be the 1st president of the United States of America, President George Washington, , Ref patent 1888, I am 888 King.

1969 =25

27 club

2+& , 2+7= 9 King of Israel

I am the alphabet 27 connected to everything in the Universe., Sa☥an JoJo

JoJo 69JoJo

DOUGLAS LEE THOMPSON is president George Washington 1777 a777, a&&& 1777 I am music , I am lord. Vatican Cleric # ZWEG533W.

This is a JoJo


CIA Operation : Angel Heart   XO I am Lucifer JoJo  , Patent 1888, at&t , I am 888, I am 666 Chi. I am music coming from within the Human-being, ArcAngeljojo seven, ميخائيل‎ Arc69Angel جبريل


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