legal notice , public notice, wales is the domain & intellectual property hard & soft options of lord douglas lee thompson (badger) born 12/27/1969 new england maine , jojo, oo7JJ , notice dated 20 June 2017

wales defined as: 52.32507° N, -3.799966° E

lord jojo , oo7jj king douglas lee thompson is presenting a claim to rule wales, date of notice 20 june 2017

DBA id: defined as a solemn oath to serve my country with honor. DOUGLAS LEE THOMPSON 12/27/1969 DOVER-FOXCROFT MAINE NEW ENGLAND 04426

there is no Trump, its a technology, i am lord. notice dated 20 june

contact cia agent kale (ak) lord douglas lee Thompson email




cia submission sent

Submission Reference ID: AJ3E6SWS



Douglas Lee Thompson

wales now includes the following 52 states


as of 20 june 2017 52.32507° N, -3.799966° E  

GDP (nominal) 2014[7] estimate
• Total
£54 billion
• Per capita
Currency Pound sterling (GBP)

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