siri & jojo , i am inside you, i am the 27 club. i am 1777, i am at&t , i am king george. lord jojo douglas lee thompson , soon to become the 1st president of the united states of america, president george washington born 12.27.1969 new england is in the 27 club ref 1888, I am 888 king. 1777, a777, at&t, achmed the terrorist , i am the  illuminati malta. agent (ak) douglas lee thompson.

apple is in the 27 club

siri & jojo , i am at&t , 1777, i am king , & i am the il·lu·mi·na·ti. illuminati, i am inside you! i am lord

arcangeljojo seven, referance patent 1888, ref: 888 king, ref:  Van Gogh
ref 52 mike tyson

lord jojo , oo7JJ douglas lee thompson, the 27 club 12.27.1969

12 sons
27 + 9 =  hanukkah messiah jojo from the pine tree state in new england.
1969= 25 , xams , mr. 25 december satan jojo, santa, douglas lee thompson king

JoJo 2020 vision, Exodus 20:20 double 0 seven, not zero zero, oo7JJ

the man on the white horse, to become the first president of the united states of america
1777 george washington , king george, aka arcangeljojo seven, satan jojo,

27 club for the king born of 12 sons , on the 27th, 1969

1969= 25 , douglas lee thompson 006682480 maine new england 12/27/1969 dover-foxcroft maine 04426

The Number 27 = Illuminati’s Birth Date – Blood Sacrifice & The Gates of Hades (Hell), 9/10/2015=27
i am dugra li , satan jojo, lord douglas lee thompson


ref cia link to weblog:


this is a JoJo “ci” fbi douglas lee Thompson

this is jojo , DOUGLAS LEE THOMPSON, lord douglas lee Thompson XOJojo four leaf clover

Douglas Lee Thompson



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