i own starbucks coffee, smart coffee, coming from the human-being, ☥he person, ref patent 1888, i am 888 king, arcangeljojo seven, jojo, lord douglas lee thompson, “ci” fbi doj, department of justice, www.justice.gov ,Genesis 2:7, starbucks is in the 27 club. (®)=jojo


fictional , * stock, investor fraud charges pending file date 18 Jan 2018, public notice, http://www.justice.gov

starbucks corp, owner notice douglas lee thompson, starbucks is my domain & intellectual property hard & soft options. starbucks is not a corp, it’s a person.
http://www.justice.gov , this is a jojo. lord douglas lee Thompson. https://store.starbucks.com/
(®)=lord douglas lee Thompson. 12/27/1969

0.45 (0.75%)

http://www.justice.gov fbi  (SBUX) is a fictional front, legal notice i douglas lee thompson ,  own starbucks, smart coffee comes from the person, a  technology, ref patent 1888, I am 888 king, i am 666 , 18 , chi, I am the living bread,  technology, Genesis 2:7 starbucks is in the 27 club.

notice starbucks coffee’s  401k retirement plan is based on a fictional stock price, the value is the person, the human-being. i am “ci” douglas lee Thompson fbi , department of justice doj. http://www.justice.gov






  • i am the future first president of the united states of america, lord douglas lee thompson , jojo, dba president george washington i am the future of starbucks.

arcangeljojo seven® owner of starbucks coffee , cia link to weblog dated 22 june 2017 , jojo

oo7jj sis mi6 section 6 http://www.sis.gov.uk

contact cia agent kale (ak) douglas lee thompsoncia



submission sent

Submission Reference ID: HN54DNW7

sin cerely satan jojo fbi

douglas lee Thompson starbucks coffee’s owner ®




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