® intellectual property hard & soft notice , private domain, anything with this symbol is my domain ® i am douglas lee thompson 12/27/1969 006-68-2480 lord. dba DOUGLAS LEE THOMPSON

where ever you see ® , it means arcangeljojo seven, lord douglas lee thompson 12/27/1969 owns it.

private domain rights apply , fbi notice http://www.fbi.gov

intellectual property rights apply hard & soft options , fbi http://www.fbi.gov

DOUGLAS LEE THOMPSON ® douglas lee Thompson ® fbi notice

® means it belongs to me, DOUGLAS LEE THOMPSON , or douglas lee Thompson with ssn 006682480

public notice dated 22 june 2017 , legal notice , published in the public domain , i am “ci” fbi doj , http://www.justice.gov douglas lee Thompson

®Douglas Lee Thompson

contact ciacia




submission sent by agent kale (ak) douglas lee thompson.

Submission Reference ID: TDG192WR


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