in case you forgot i am the king!!!!!!! cia intelligence junkit friday 23 june 2017 agent kale (ak) douglas lee thompson

in case you forgot i am the king!!!!!!! free state of jones Jo&nessy, the pride of lowell, mass, the green monster,
jojo, oo7jj sis section 6 fso, lord douglas lee thompson,

topics today 23 june 2017 prophet intelligence junkit from agent kale (ak) douglas lee thompson aka
arcangeljojo seven, aka satan jojo.

cia link to weblog:

the Veterans hospital in san diego california spends $7.5 million, to earthquake proof the vamc, prophetic fbi notes,
the earthquake comes from the human-being, the person, a cia technology, im saying your experience of an earthquake
comes from within the “person” you, the man, women or child. * the earthquake isn’t coming from outside the person.
earthquakes are an act of the lord, arcangeljojo seven, satan jojo can rattle your feet. i am “ci” fbi douglas lee
thompson., ref patent 1888, i am the living bread, i am the 27 club, the king born 12.27.1969,
i am 666 chi, i am Genesis 2:7 today 23 june 2017.

earthquakes in San Diego, California, United States – … 6.9’s for the lord placed in new england 12/27/1969

Epicenters and Locations of the Latest Quakes Near San Diego, California, United States. … The largest earthquake in San Diego: this week: …

this is a jojo & the airforce


nellis afb bombing, never happend outside the person, airforce person sent bomb to iraq, was an experience of
cia technology. pretty cool isnt it, as cool as hel double hockey sticks, this is a jojo, double o seven, oo7jj,
arcangeljojo seven, nellis afb is in the 27 club., prophet right! its 23 june 2017,
who knew that but me. i am lord douglas lee thompson & i can katrina your ass. i am Exodus 20:20 , 20/20 vision stand for jojo.

you wear glasses for jojo.

tech·nol·o·gy. defined as: (legal term)




the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in industry:

“advances in computer technology” ·

“recycling technologies”


•machinery and equipment developed from the application of scientific knowledge.


•the branch of knowledge dealing with engineering or applied sciences

sin cerely

lord douglas lee thompson, jojo, the year of the rooster 2017, intelligence junkit cia
this is jojo , arcangeljojo7 devil li , king douglas lee thompson 23 june 2017 msg sent
to the department of jutsice fbi. public notice


directions to contact king directly is email:

this is jojo , arcangeljojo7 devil li , king douglas lee thompson





hey im your life ! satan jojo

jojo is lord !

contact cia agent kale (ak) douglas lee thompsoncia



submission sent

Submission Reference ID: 7RR8SCQX

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