shameless san francisco & the house of dan, #13 ˈdädər . fiona & moncia ***notes*** ☥he gallagher coat of arms.

shameless 2017 san francisco notes Jojo four leaf clover

Ethan Cutkosky / Carl,   james evens lucifer , jj 7 goodtimes

Willem” Dafoe / Ethan Cutkosky , 4439 Third Street  house of the rising son,

(415) 822-1022 10+12, 22+5=27 , the 27 club satan jojo

(415) 822-1077 10 12 , 22 1777 22 42 * star of david , the man on the white horse , the king of israel. king of england, king george 44 is coming

12 sons and one ˈdädər ,


Buckingham , Bethlehem 1888 25, 7 We have come to the blood of sprinkling which has fallen upon a covenant which never shall be broken. … 1888. The Blood Of Sprinkling … Jesus Christ, Sufferings ,

jojo symbols, christ to be ordered to death by crucifix , jojo symbol is a crucifixion, to come, perfedic , jesus christ to die by satan jojo’s crucifix, “ci” fbi douglas lee thompson, , kjv bible is perfectic, today 23 june 2017. christ hasn’t even been born yet.

negation=at&t=internet=showtime=fiona & moncia are inside arcangeljojo seven “person” a cia technology ,  diametrically opposed , In logic, negation, also called logical complement. * your cell phone calls go nowhere! , they start & finish in your person. this is a jojo 7, * all calls start & finish in the person, Exodus 20:20, wherever you see an x , that’s me , jojo, 20/20 vision, is a JoJo. lord

this is a jojo 7

2shameless coat of arms

Antichrist crossjojo symbols, I am the rea son, for xmas & hanukkah (/ ˈ h ɑː n ə k ə / HAH , christ has not yet entered the picture. coming say in a 100 + years

i am the the man on the white horse, 1777 at&t a☥&☥

i am the & ˈampərˌsand, i am the 27 club. arcangeljojo seven.



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