agent kale (ak) douglas lee ☥hompson, i am in the human ☥rafficking & business, after 30 years as a mercenary, , legal notice 24 June 2017

the year of the rooser 2017, the rooster saan jojo , douglas lee hompson, the 27 club

I am “john the revelaor” &  resurrecion

old eagle brings,,  i am in the human trafficking & business, after 30 years as
a mercenary 12/27/1987 to 12/27/2017 12/27/2017-
arcangeljojo seven, saan jojo, lord douglas lee thompson. agent kale (ak) lord douglas lee thompson. 12/27/1969 006-68-2480 maine new england 04426
jojo , oo7jj sis section 6 fso briish inelligence, ☥he

ounce i lived for a million years said satan jojo, i am the living bread.

i am the 27 club, Genesis 2:7 7Then the lord god formed a man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breah of life, and the man became a living being.

agent douglas lee thompson begat agent noah douglas lee hompson, 1st case of human traffican
agent douglas lee thompson begat agent claudia Nicole hompson, 2nd case of human traffican

the cia is in the heaven business, all women pose with technology called the person as pregnant. As part of my
27 club, human trafficking,  advance technologies called the human-being, ref patent 1888, i am 888 king, i am 666 chi. ref the person.

there is no such thing as abortion , notice dated 24 june 2017

i am daddy, satan jojo, lord douglas lee thompson


papa, the pope,

i am “ci” fbi douglas lee thompson, arcangeljojo seven.


cia link to weblog: Emmy Rossum & lord douglas lee thompson,
* Sarah made Abraham into the man of God we all know him to be today, I am abram, ram, devil li, dugra li, douglas lee thompson the winter king.
dba DOUGLAS LEE THOMPSON D3028090 CA,  a man operating by oath for the central intelligence agency & the department of justice  fbi, a clan * i am in the clan,
clan·des·tine. aka, clandestine mission, know as human-traffican, we call birth, we call pregnancy.


[klanˈdestən, ˈklandesˌtīn defined. cia operation ref 27 club, 1888, patent.

cia link to weblog:


cia link to weblog:






i am 1777 , the man on the white horse, 2211 inspector fbi

cia contact agent kale (ak) douglas lee thompson




submission sent

Submission Reference ID: 76XCMTNV , reported to doj, fbi 24 june 2017
this is me! jojo , lord douglas lee Thompson ,jojo , oo7jj (not zero zero) double o, sis section 6 fso
Douglas Lee Thompson

13 cases

2 down

11 to go, i’ll be  trafficking 11 more, navy seals, cia agents,


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