fbi notes : a cross of oblique lines, in the shape of the latin letter X , i am saxan sa 卐an sa&an , sa☥an , sa®an , satan jojo. the cross is a jojo. lord douglas lee ☥hompson. the cross is a jojo, X, *Jesus Cause of death Crucifixion, death by saxan cross. i am at&t.com inside you. achmed the terrorist att. a777, 1777, the man on the white horse.

this is a jojo, father jo , jo&mary , jo&ether, Joe , jojo, i am jojo, 26 june 2017, i am lord douglas lee thompson the 27 club, Xmas &  Hanukkah, the boy from the pine tree state, new england, king. i am the TM. period! ref patent 1888, i am 666 , i am chi, i am genesis 2:7 KJV. i am inside you! http://www.cia.gov , mean joe green, 8beast, 80east , i am job, i am the book of job, b=0, 0=mary, 0=ether, Joe.  zero is ether. ˈēTHər,

archaic from arcangeljojo seven saxan lord jojo, devil li, douglas lee thompson,
i am mean jo green, joness, jo&nessy, jo&mary, i am 420 angel dust. 26 june 2017.
ether, a very rarefied and highly elastic substance formerly believed to permeate all space, including the interstices between the particles of matter, and to be the medium whose vibrations constituted light and other electromagnetic radiation, chi 666, 18, ˈesəns, withee.
ether is the holy spirit, i am the holy ghost , i am inside you, i am a a☥&☥ at&t, a777, 1777 the man on the white horse. i am king.
ref patent 1888, ref the harp  doesn’t make music, the music is inside the person. i am 888 king, ref 27 club cia, ref:

a job is a jojo !!!!!! I am lord on 26 june 2017

the cross is my domain & intellectual property hard & soft options, private domain notice, the cross is love, i am the god of hearts sa☥an. douglas lee thompson 12/27/1969


https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cross private domain http://www.jutsice.gov “ci” douglas lee thompson 26 June 2017

this is lord jojo, pope douglas lee thompson http://www.cia.gov jojo oo7JJ sis section 6

Douglas Lee Thompson

This is JoJo

notes conti: 29 june 2017 thursday

ref : kenneth  ® thompson , cia , kenne☥h ® ☥hompson (badger) (pearl) http://www.cia.gov Kenneth Raymond Thompson 69

i am the fbi , & the fbi is inside of you,

it is sum biblical shit.

i am at&t.com

i am arcangeljojo seven, genesis 2:7, given charge over the breath of life. http://www.jutsice.gov 26 june 2017 , i am the man on the white horse, i am the four horseman

liberty call for 3 days, 72 hours, this a cia link to my weblog: XO

ref baby lisa

baby lisa☥an Elisabeth, queen , lisa marie, little marie , Elizabeth,, katy, rossman


ross sum=sum of all things in the universe is a jojo , ref jess ross sum http://www.fbi.gov notes.

shameless coat of arms

this is a jojo, this is a JoJo king




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