free state of jones, jo&nessy , jo&mary, jo&ether , father Joe. Lord jojo intelligence junkit dated 26 June 2017. aynt “jonsing” for nothing. I am the 27 club. “ci” fbi douglas lee thompson, department of justice, doj. aka agent kale (ak)

Dali (大理), or Minister of Law. Genesis 33, intelligence junkit, monday 26 june 2017 agent kale (ak) douglas lee
thompson, jojo , oo7JJ sis section 6 fso ,

JoJo is the scale of jutsice, i am “ci” lord douglas lee thompson fbi ,
jutsice is inside you, i am the 27 club, 888, 666 chi, genesis 2:7 i am baby buddha, devil li

the year of the rooster 2017 notice


image  dragon, McJoJo , lord douglas lee McThompson , McBadger, the red dragoon. cia

stay golden poy boy , (BDSM) The male equivalent of a ponygirl.Ref: Dinah GI Jane

Leah , Jacob = Dinah, The Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit , ref: green . black lion, ref: Emmy Rossum

this is lord satan jojo king douglas lee thompson

1. Wisdom – The ability to see God at work in our lives.

2. Understanding – The ability to comprehend how to live as followers of Jesus.

3. Counsel – The ability to use right judgment, to know the difference between right and wrong.

4. Fortitude – The gift of courage. To overcome fear and take risks as a follower of Jesus.

5. Knowledge – The ability to understand the meaning of God’s Revelation.

6. Piety – The gift of reverence, to have deep respect for God and the Church.

7. Fear of the Lord – The fear of separating oneself from God.

The Seven Deadly Sins

The Seven Deadly Sins were the teaching of early Christians to educate their followers. The list was used by among others, Pope Gregory and of Dante in his work “The Divine Comedy”

Lust – Gluttony – Greed – Sloth – Wrath – Envy – Pride

I am joness sense 8

The riddle was “Out of the eater came something to eat. Out of the strong came something sweet.” Judges 14:14

7777 (four crosses) the four horsemen

Genesis 14:14–14:14 777 777 77 42 genesis 2:7


14When Abram heard that his nephew had been taken captive, he led forth his trained men, born in his house, three hundred eighteen of them, and went in pursuit as far as Dan.
Seven Locks of Hair

locks = jojo
locks=X &X 27 , 27 club the strength came from joness , jojo & nessy, the 27 club, jojo 12.27.1969 satan jojo
arcangeljojo seven. Wadjet (/ˈwɑːdˌdʒɛt/ or /ˈwædˌdʒɛt/; Egyptian wȝḏyt, “green one”),the green Monsta! lord douglas lee thompson, king.
ref 1777, ref 7777, ref at& ref a777, ref arcangeljojo 7, satan jojo the , jew-joo, good joo, joo is the
green monsta & satan jojo,  i am the messiah 26 june 2017.

The Philistines yearned to find out how Samson got his strength. They offered to pay Dililah eleven hundred pieces of silver for the secret to Samson’s strength. She was Samson’s lover.

Dililah learned his strength came from his seven locks of long uncut hair.

“Samson and Dililah” Rubens 1609 National Gallery, London

When Samson was asleep on her lap she called for a man to shave off the seven locks of hair. Samson immediately lost all his strength. Judges chapter 13 -16

Samson did not lo͞oz anything, it was inside him, i am the 27 club, i am at&t, im the purpose for the illuminati, & the alphabet 27 letters, &, I am
the ampersand. i am ram, i am mickey, i am Mc.

McJoJo arcangeljojo seven, lord douglas lee Mcthompson. today is 26 june 2017

&=military officer




&=lord douglas lee thompson 12/27/1969 006-68-2480 maine new England, king

Abishai Military Officer
Abraham Shepherd
Ahaziah King

SAN FRANCISCO CALIFORNIA dubbed new jerusalem , free state of jones, with jo& nessy , joness jones, * you dont
have to jones for nothing! Jo& ether, Jo & mary , Joe , aka mean Joe green!



Mc Gallagher

Mc gallagher coat of arms

this is a jojo !

this is a jojo !

sin cerely, devil li , lord douglas lee 69 , i am baby buddha 26 june 2017

this is a satan jojo & jess , oo7JJ ( double 0) not zero zero, jojo

this is a jojo & jess

its coming from inside, i am 888 , i am patent 1888 king, imagine dragon is in the 27 club. I am at7t at&t a777 I am the alphabet 27 club, I am the cia 26 june 2017. & the doj


this is a jojo

intelligence junkit 26 june 2017 lord douglas lee thompson, your king


King Douglas Lee Thompson 69


cia contact agent kale (ak) douglas lee thompson




submission sent

Submission Reference ID: 1GGUNL4G



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