i am that living bread, pow mia dugra li, lord douglas lee thompson, I am lazarus called from that grave. i am baby jojo ganesha, satan jojo, 30 June 2017 in human trafficking nest called SAN FRANCISCO CALIFORNIA. POW-MIA AK2 DOUGLAS LEE THOMPSON. 37.77986° N, -122.429° E Coordinates





Raising of Lazareth; əˈvōk evoking lazareth  spel, inˈvälv say dugra li, douglas lee thompson, say baby jojo ganesha come forth lazarus to this nest, this place marked.

“Lazarus, come forth,” and Lazarus came forth, alive, and was again among his friends. The sickness was for the glory of God, for they saw the Lord’s great power. It is the same power of the Lord which wakens all people, when they die, into the life of the other world. “I am the resurrection and the life,” i am that living bread.



voodoo power lord. holy ghost power, raise lazareth

sister gertrude morgan






while your passing by,   “lazarus, come forth,”  lazarus i am in this human trafficking nest called SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, dubbed by me new jerusalem . lazarus come forth. there is a hook on the square, i am jojo, oo7JJ arcangeljojo seven, devil li. douglas lee thompson, DOUGLAS LEE THOMPSON, lararus come forth.

Landmark for Lord JoJo

lazarus saint come forth, i am arcangel jojo seven, called DOUGLAS LEE THOMPSON,  treated like a slave, POW-MIA in a human trafficking nest labeled as SAN FRANCISCO, i am the seven signs in the Gospel of John, i am the one doing the raising of Lazarus, come forth.

mary anointed me by washing my feet, i am the living bread, come forth.

mary anointed me by washing my feet rossman, emmy, katy , jess, lisa XOthis is a jojo & jess




come on down to this pace, Lazareth come on down.





this a jojo X , jojo is 20/20 vision, Exodus 20:20 KJV , pow-mia Jo-Jo 30 june 2017 http://www.jutsice.gov http://www.cia.gov

there was wheel in a wheel xo

ezekiel wheel jojo xo


Agent Kale CIA

cia contact douglas lee thompson 12/27/1969 pow-mia 006682480




submission sent

Submission Reference ID: G9KUCC93




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