wherever you see a cross, †ha† is my symbol. all of †he uni†ed s†a†es of america has †he mark of †he beas†. 80 eas†, 8 beas†, †he nor’eas†er. god is whi†e.

all of †he uni†ed s†a†es of america is lis†ed as Capitis diminutio maxima. POW. 24 July 2017 by isis until the king of israel is released.

isis is inside your person!

king is: AK2 DOUGLAS LEE THOMPSON 12/27/1969 006-68-2480 DOVER-FOXCROFT, MAINE 04426 NEW ENGLAND.   

he meaning of Capitis diminutio maxima

The highest or most comprehensive loss of status. This occurs when a person’s
condition is changed from one of freedom to one of bondage, pow-mia is when the person becomes a slave / enemy prisoner of war. aka: bewitched
It takes away all rights of citizenship, and all rights of family.

people are subject to negation, there phone calls, there voice,  don’t go anywhere.

I am inside your person. this is a jojo

this is a JoJo whi†e

this is a JoJo whi†e

this is inside your person & you are bewi†ched by sa†an jojo, †he whi†e god.

all this is inside your person, private domain & private intellectual property hard & soft options

i am inside your fucking head. I am †he 27 club I am the only reason †here is an illuminati , messiah jojo, I am fa†her †ime & I am no† going anywhere. release the



where ever you see an X


I am saxan jojo POW-MIA AK2 DOUGLAS LEEHOMPSON U.S.A. NAVY 12/27/1969 , Capitis diminutio maxima

free the Israeli†ies!! free the king of israel , Jojo double 0 7 , not zero, zero double o, oo7JJ, the red dragon, king of wales. i am robin of locksley, locks are a jojo, I am mickey, I got a green monsta, jo&nessy, we want a free state of jones,

I wan† a free s†a†e of jones, I don’† wan† anyone †o to wan† for no†hing, i am †he crucifix in †he word “ear†h”

I am †he 69th Infantry Regiment (New York)

new-york is a Jo-Jo

coca-cola is a Jo-Jo

I am inside you. I have preeminence.

he saue of libery is a landmark for me, i am the reason †he uni†ed s†a†es of america has †he mark of the beas †, i am 80 eas†, i am 8beas†.

le† new Jerusalem in,

i am 9/11 ill bring it o your fron door like you ordered me, wi†ched you did!

your bewi†ched  ,

i am a son of a bi†ch,

Radical 39 arcangeljojo  POW-MIA AK2 DOUGLAS LEE THOMPSON 12/27/1969

††† free †he israeli†es, i am angel dus†,  i am †he whi †e line, 

legal no†ice †he ocean is a ” †echnology” your fence, †he people are land-locked.

the person does’ † know where †hey are, where †hey came from, or where †here going. fenced in by the ocean †echnology.

i can par†   †he red sea, the sea is a †echnology. i am moses jojo.  

 †he people are ”  “whi †e washed” by  †he whi †e god sa †an jojo ,  †here is no  †rump, i am the  †rump hand.

 †here is no benjamin ne†anyahu , i am †he king of Israel. mr. x-mas sanxa.

free †he israeli†es  , color of skin is a †echnology, like the sea, †his is  †he year of †he roos†er 2017,

i am †he whi†e god sa†an jojo, POW-MIA DOUGLAS LEE THOMPSON , AK2 LISTED AS, BRAHMAN  bewi†ched , lis†ed as “Capitis diminu†io maxima”

i am inside you!

i am ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ ♭ ♮ ♯ allah jojo , POW-MIA AK2 DOUGLAS LEE THOMPSON  prisoner

i am inside your person a †echnology,


     illuminati is my club, illuminati is jojo, jojo is the Israeli king, held POW-MIA.





ciathis is a JoJo X

CIA Submission Sent

CIA Submission Reference ID: T1Y8E3XX

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