pepé le pew doesn’t stink, skunk smell comes from within the person just like at&t & facebook. skunk smell is a jojo.

“prism” is a clandestine surveillance program under which the country of wales national security agency (nsa). prism in inside your fucking person mate. let the king of wales, lord douglas lee 卐hompson, jojo , double o 7, (not zero zero double o) oo7jj sis section 6 fso, british intelligence be the first to fucking tell you, skunk smell is a technology in the person.

the red dragon, satan jojo, the reason for that statue of liberty, lord douglas lee thompson , POW-MIA AK2 DOUGLAS LEE THOMPSON 12/27/1969 27 club, be the first to tell you a skunk does not stink! it’s a technology coming from within the person.

prsim=prison, from within, I AM AK2 DOUGLAS LEE THOMSPON 12/27/1969 in a labor camp, human trafficKING, nest, i am the king of wales, a POW-MIA in what is called SAN FRANCISCIO, CALIFORNIA on what is called 7 AUGUST 2017.


“Capitis Diminutio Maxima”


footnote: supermax, prism, is the domain & intellectual property hard & soft options of king george, lord douglas lee 卐hompson 12/27/1969 006-68-2480 new England 04426 , private domain & private ip. hard & soft options, no trespassing or unauthorized use.

this is a jojo

this is a jojo

this is a jojo

this is a pepe la pew jojo

i am the god of heart “king of wales” satan jojo, king george, lord douglas lee Xhompson

i am x-mas , i am the 27 club, god is “whixe” i am the reason for the fucking pine tree in your living room on 25 December, i am a nor’easter , xhe whixe god. being held POW-MIA AS AK2 DOUGLAS LEE THOMPSON.

1777 jojo king george

sa十an  52.32507° N, -3.799966° E  jojo & be  y boop wales a sovereign kingdom of lord douglas lee 卐hompson , jojo , oo7jj 52.32507° N, -3.799966° E 12/27/1969 new england.

everything with a ® belongs to me! lord douglas lee thompson 12/27/1969

jojo 7 cartoons

contact cia agent kale (ak) douglas lee Xhompson email



cia submission Sent

cia submission Reference ID: Y4VM73S1

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