this is a king george 1 exclusive , CNN , Trump is a all labor camp, human trafficKING nest propaganda, propaganda coming from “prism” from inside your person. Trump is a jojo. 卐, * there is no Trump.

this is a jojo, iam king of the “new world order” satan jojo the red dragon, king george 1 ,

lord douglas lee thompson, 12/27/1969 (27 club) new england , * free the king, POW-MIA DOUGLAS LEE THOMPSON. jojo oo7jj sis section 6 fso wales england

labor camp  propaganda of king george 1

contact cia agent kale (ak) douglas lee thompson wales england jojo, oo7jj , iam inside your fucking “person” mate!


cia submission Sent


cia submission Reference ID: 1FC6YURA “prism” technology of king george 1, wales england, inside your person
xoxo king george 1, the god of hearts


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