“do women know why 十hey cross 十here legs in the labor camps?”

6do women know why 十hey cross 十here legs in the labor camps?9

genesis 49:10 10the scepter will not depart from judah line labor camp, human traffiking nest, the traffic
of a  “king” camp called
SAN FRANCISCO CALIFORNIA, nor the ruler’s staff of lord douglas of wales, devil li, king douglas lee thompson
12/27/1969 new england
jojo the king jo͞o,  messiah 13 the four leaf clover
jojo, free jojo jo͞o, POW-MIA AK2 DOUGLAS LEE THOMPSON, and give the israelites the king they ask for.

nor 7he ruler’s staff of lord douglas of wales
from between his feet,
until he to whom it belongs shall come and the obedience of the nations shall be his,,
king thompson, knights templar, kt, jojo is king , the messiah.

this is something like the holocaust, i am inside you, who’s going to stop me, this is pig latin, i am
“prism” inside you, iam exodus 20:20 , i am the 27 club.

king satan jojo the jo͞o, arcangeljojo 7 , everyone is listed “cdm”
i can’t be stopped, i am 9/11. cia link to weblog:

to free jojo the jo͞o is good jo͞o-jo͞o

don’t be jewish, on the fench, be jo͞o

i am sainx david xo

i am the king you ordered, i am x-mas, i am the boy from the pine tree state, i am
hanukkah , i am the reason you have a pine tree in your living room, 25 december
new england 04426

12 sons
2+7 = 9
1969 = 25

i am lucky 13 , devil li, general king george 01 x , earxh is my domain, i am POW-MIA
DOUGLAS LEE THOMPSON in a labor camp, human-trafficking nest called SAN FRANCISCO,
jojo oo7jj sis secxion six fso king devil li xhompson, douglas lee thompson 27 club.


king george 01 satan jojo , devil li, douglas lee thompson
new england, wales england, wales a sovereign kingdom

what is called the united states of america is a labor camp with the mark of the beasx, the beast from xhe
easx, i am the israel prisoner king,

“prism” = 27 club, = supermax from inside your person, i am ˈesəns arcangeljojo 7 charge with the breaxh of life.
jojo the vivid arc of a rainbow between heaven & hell, the @& club.

fuck you is a jojo, jojo is the alphabet27, i am the word, the way, & the light..

i am inside your person , legal notice i am a十7十 , a十&十 iam sa十an jojo, i am your chance,
i am pope sa十an jojo, papa jo. i am your majəstē, jojo, i am the swas十ika, crucifix is a jojo
symbol, i am ms-13, lucky 13, it’s my time , i am your əˈpäkəˌlips xoxo from the god of hear十s,

http://www.cia.gov a depar十men十 of wales england a sovereign kingdom of lord douglas lee 十hompson.

http://www.wales.com nōˈel came way before twitter names, i am santa, satan , mc jo, jojo, x-mas

candy cane J , & balls on your pine tree, jo jo , i am the real 十hing, you fucking hippocra十es

you fucking ˈhipəˌkrit , http://www.justice.gov free jojo the jo͞o you king, 十his is wha十, wha十 is called
10 augus十 2017 in wha十 is called SAN FRANCISCO CALIFORNIA, a labor camp, human 十rafficking nest.

iam check ma十e, iam lord! aka  el deblo

your a cry baby, ill put you on your knees, i pu十 women on 十ampons ,, my domain con十ains
kanye Wes十 – mercy (explici十) f十. big sean, Pusha 十, 2 chainz

i am mr weis , adam weishaup十 , i go十 a kingdom in 十he icloud , who knew eve, who knew 十ha十 man

i am tekˈnäləjē , i own jo͞ojle, google, in am 十ha十 voice in your head, you’ll never see me dead, im backed up
in 十he icloud ins十ead. im your owner. j卐j卍. held cap卍ive,  lets rio十 in 十his labor camp.




labor camp rio卐

“ci” fbi link to cia weblog: http://www.justice.gov wales england”



when women cross there legs its for jojo
braided hair is a jojo xo, the god of hear十s, king of wales england , xo , sa十an jojo. lord douglas

iam satan jojo lord devil li the fucking pope king douglas lee thompson www.cia.gov

this is a jojo arcangeljojo 7

“prism” is inside your person, the king of wales , lord douglas fucking told you first.






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