J 27, 1984 (33) 27 club “she is a work of art” khloe kardashian & jojo 7he jo͞o ms-13

this is a jojo 卐o卍o in the labor camps, human-trafficking of a king nest, called SAN FRANCISCO CALIFORNIA on what is called 12 August 2017. free the king of israel, santa, satan jojo oo7jj sis mi6 king lord douglas lee thompson 12/27/1969

D3028090 CA DOUGLAS LEE THOMPSON “cdm” status prisoner king

“prism” is inside your person, 27 club notice http://www.cia.gov

cia link to weblog:


this is a jojo ms-13

this is a jojo

jojo owns facebook!

this is a jojo xoxox

iam the reason you say omg, iam satan jojo , xo iam the god of hearts! w/ the queen of england mi6 oo7jj 12 august 2017 kk xx xoxo

free santa , aka satan jojo



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