“im 7he mac daddy saxan jojo” iown apple www.apple.com

prism is the 27 club

27 “prism” inside the person. cia contact agnet kale (ak) lord douglas lee xhompson integers 12271969 iam the 27 club.

iown every xown,

iown apple

iown microsoft

iown skype

iown facebook

iown yahoo

iown google

iown youtube

iown aol

iown abercrombie&fitch 




sin cererly

lord douglas of wales england, king jojo, oo7jj mi6 http://www.sis.gov.uk

jojo glasses on, exodus 20:20

cia link to weblog: coco&jojo 27 club irish iris mafia ms-13


King Douglas Lee Thompson 69

This is JoJo oo7JJ

domain name notice lord douglas lee thompson 12271969 new england 04426, owns the domain http://www.apple.com

https://www.apple.com/ , apple is the domain & intellectual property hard & soft options of douglas lee thompson jojo oo7jj sis “mi6” fso king thompson of wales engalnd a ˈsäv(ə)rən kingdom of arcangeljojo seven, aka king george 01 , general lee, devil li, douglas isles of manx, ˈjenəsəs genesis 2:7  (27club) 300 post street, san francisco, cia 94108

I own apple campus, cupertino, california 95014 , domain of lord douglas  lee thompson


cia link to weblog: chill bill iam getting to youx

contact cia agent kale (ak) lord douglas lee thompson nsa “prism” account from within the person, email:dougtabq@icloud.com





cia submission Sent

cia submission reference id: DVJYQQ2M

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