copper & dunham i would like to hire you!

dear Cooper & Dunham ,
i would like to hire you,
subject: logos: genesis 2:7 kjv, everything with a trademark, example TM,  ®, has a logos that defines these products & services as mine.
all these places of business are my property. each company has a fictional cia bio, shell, to protect my interest.
for example: there is no Dion Weisler HP ,, The Hewlett-Packard company
iam lord douglas isles of man, manx, iam the non-fictional king of wales england. the stock prospectus is fictional, due to the labor camps, “cdm” status. all 52 states are the domain of wales england a sovereign kingdom. all 52 states are in “cdm” status.
I would like to hire you to collect my business’s into a one world organization.
lord douglas lee thompson,
email: , phone: 703-482-0623
cia submission reference ID: 9AE7QD75
“ci” fbi douglas lee thompson
TM/® defined as: logos
a symbol, word, or words legally registered or established by use as representing a company or product.
synonyms: logo, brand, emblem, sign, mark, stamp, symbol, badge, crest, monogram, colophon; More

brand name, trade name, proprietary name

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