domain & intellectual property notice to “the salvation army”

legal notice. legal claim, lord douglas of wales england would like operational control of 67he salvation army9 “the salvation army”
“the salvation army” is the domain & intellectual property hard & soft options of lord douglas lee thompson.
“the salvation army is branded by the king, ®=king thompson
cia link to weblog:

ref: “prism” account from within the “person” contact: email”

the salvation army/Headquarters * data sent to cooper & dunham LLP ,
london, wales, england

cia link to weblog:

7he salvation army +domain of king thompson+
international headquarters
101 queen victoria street
united kingdom +domain of king thompson+ +domain of king thompson+

cia link to “prism” email”

ref notes: 27 club fbi, khloé alexandra kardashian, Keeping Up with the Kardashians TM
*coming from “prism” nsa. 7hese accounts are coming from withing the “person” a domain of
wales england. ref: oo7jj sis mi6 fso, jojo, lord douglas manx, operation genesis, ref:
genesis 2:7 isles on man,

d27 king
j27 queen
7he salvation army under active investigation for stolen militray intelligence codes. 27 codes. property
of the king of wales england, a sovereign kingdom.

7he salvation army national headquarters +domain of king thompson+
615 slaters lane
P.O. Box 269
alexandria, va 22313 * labor camps usa

®=lord douglas of wales england, king of england, a soverign kingdom.
douglas isles of man, manx, genesis 2:7 , king thompson
knights templar , douglas lee thompson , jojo, “dougie” “southie” double o7, oo7jj
douglas is in the labor camps of usa, ref: 12/27/1969 006-68-2480 maine new england 04426 +1 (703) 482-0623 agent kale (ak) Submission Reference ID: 52JJKX66

legal notice: i would like a complete print out of my intellectual property hard & soft options in regards to 7he salvation army emailed to: nsa account
*every location & every person in my domain, & every dollar / every pound collected. domains of wales
england a sovereign kingdom.


sin cerly,

lord douglas of wales, king “owner of the salvation army” a TM domain

this is a jojo 7he


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