jonas sense 8 = molson san francisco cia agent , fbi notes,

in san francisco molsonon top of old smoky

on top of old smokey all covered with snow
i lost my true lover for courting too slow
for courting’s a pleasure and parting’s a grief
and a false hearted lover is worse than a thief
for a thief will just rob you and take all you save
but a false hearted lover will lead you to the grave
and the grave will decay you and turn you to dust
not one girl in a hundred a poor boy can trust
they’ll hug you and kiss you and tell you more lies
than cross lines on a railroad or stars in the skies
so come all your maidens and listen to me
never place your affections on a green willow tree
for the leaves they will wither and the roots they will die
you’ll all be forsaken and never know why.

jonas 8

white caps lead to chopping waters,  hatfield

i am “will” ricker #1

cia link to weblog:

mushroom understands the needs of the forrest

forrest gump


don’t make no sense

5 senses

cia link to weblog:


sense 8 cia link to weblog:

Jonas brothers:

twins with 8 senses

we are the fucking jonas brothers! mother fucker

sense defined as:





the house that ruth built


manx doolish

monjo = twins

genesis 2:7 kjv  (the 27 club)

jonas , jonas maliki, portrayed by naveen andrews, is on the 27 club!




mr.magoo , mr mojo risen cia agent , akiller , autotwin, lord douglas isles of manx

so fuck you

“ci” fbi douglas lee xhompson 6thompson9 12/27/1969 006-68-2480 “new england” dover-foxcroft maine 04426

jonas & i have been under the same roof in san francisco from atleast 9 months.

“prodidicia” 1601 mckinnon avenue san francisco, ca 94124
jonas is under constant attack
jan 2017+
aka: molson

target the twins city “purple rain”

this is a JoJo Xtwins



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