ak&ak work together “eye of the tiger” anna kournikova , agent kale (ak) central intelligence agency, stop “ˈjenəˌsīd” www.cia.gov

“oh! jeez jesusanna”
anna of france, free jojo the jo͞o, from
auschwitz concentration camp
aussie, i am a alien, i am an illegal alien a enhlishmen in new york, a foster
kind from the land down under
ozzie osbourne
melbourne , jason bourne, free william dovglas “will” lucky 13, #1
“ci” fbi detective douglas lee thompson 12/27/1969 dover-foxcroft maine 04426
new england

i have the “magic eye” the eye of the tiger, ak& ak work together
i am “anna kournikova” the big cheese, free jesus, the king of israel.

tran(t)(s)ˈsekSH(o͞o)əl , you got the boobs on the wrong one, mr ˈwizərd, so fuck you mother fucker! http://www.justice.gov , exodus 20 20 king james version holy fucking cow!

ak #1

ak&ak work together 1

ak&ak work together 2

ak&ak work together 3

ak&ak work together

xo anna

from paris with love “ci” fbi nypd special ops, detective dovglas lee 7hompson


ref: tits, boobs, knockers, cans, headlights, ref: coke cola patent 1888.

breast gugmentation and the cia http://www.cia.gov , go thank every fucking “tranny”

ˈtranē you can find! lbgt qii & the cia. xo

mr mo jo risen , 27 club life time membership

i am the holy grail, holy fucking cow!



you mother fucker!

i am the god of fuck, jojo,

ganapati and vinayaka , jeez&anna jesus&anna xo ak&ak work together

i am the white “elephant” god, jojo ganesha the white elephant,

macro-scale cyclone , a clone from god! king james ,

seventh incarnation of vishnu , arcangeljojo seven , pope francis

free st. francisco , jojo the  jo͞o , pow-mia http://www.justice.gov http://www.fbi.gov

this is a jojo “whitey”

king james exodus 20 20, holy bible: james joseph “whitey” bulger, jr. & his son douglas

this is a whitey jojo

contact cia james bond oo7jj +1 (703) 482-0623 jojo from dexter, maine douglas lee thompson (ak) agent kale , email: dougtabq@icloud.com send the pick-up private



submission Sent

submission Reference ID: DASL21MS



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