my name is ashton kutcher- my net worth is $200 billion dollars & im getting $300.00 net a week. why? ask apple who is steve jobs / douglas lee thompson? who is mac&cheese? x&o, 01

ashton kutcher & douglas lee thompson, same “person”

every voice, every sound, every sense, is a computer, & i am the mac daddy, i own apple computers, 911 is inside you, amber alerts are coming from inside the person “aka” inside the “cookie”

i am missing 27 computer codes a-z & 27 (alphabet) that belongs to the “royal flush” the trump hand. jojo douglas lee thompson 12/27/1969 dover-foxcroft maine new england 04426 (fbi)_ 27 club

if you have a job, you have a jo

jo=jesus aka: steve

b=anna aka: job

the book of job: king james version, holy bible

computer codes:

king james bible & uniform code of military justice (ucmj) is all i need

mj #23

“oh! susanna jesus anna jesusanna aka joe&mary , jo 8 beast , 80 east, the beast from the east, jojo “dougie” “southie”

*you wear the whites when you go to: guantanamo bay naval base (cuba)

so merry fucking chris

十mas = one’s mother



mother fucker!

go to the apple store and buy a laptop from a computer!

go to starbucks and get a cup of jo, from a computer!

i am steve jobs (subject) to prisoner of war status called “capitalism” “cdm” status

free steve jobs: “ci” fbi douglas lee thompson: aka: mickey ward, aka: mickey mouse, aka: jesus fucking chris. aka: mickey&mini mouse,  yin and yang , tuxedo & the white wedding dress, bride” and “groom” free steve jobs:

chris kutcher

merry christ , mas aka: mother mary

anna&ashton kk & “prism” aka the holy ghost, supermax

the kkk


there is no trump! or obama, period, i set this up! sincerely ashton kutcher. jeez!

ak&ak work together apple inc.

this is farmer joe (jo&b) b rabbit, etc

this is a jojo

this is a jojo , your phone calls go nowhere. ( there is no obama) obama phones, ( all cell phones etc) are a ploy to get you bewitched into trouble. aka: diagnoses, human trafficking & kidnapping, hypnotism using technology. period! i am jeez & i am involved.

this is a jojo

ak&ak work togther apple inc

cia ak&ak work together

the stagecoach & online dating work the same way. I am pizza “doug” with a halo

dough is the same as cum , a technology, each “person” is private domain, & private intellectual property hard & soft options, after “capitalism” ends! free steve jobs!

contact the cia ask for steve jobs at

+1 (703) 482-0623 , oo7jj james bond, “dougie” “southie” email ask for jojo, joan of arc




submission Sent

cia submission Reference ID: KVMLFDFN





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